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  1. Relatives of Edith Enlund and Johan Lindgren by Vicki Lindgren Young
  2. Angela Kirvesmäki by Joyce
  3. Erik by Mattsen
  4. Emigration from Abo to Nahodka,Russia in 1869 by Blomroz Victor
  5. John Allen m. Agnes Abramson by Caren Sullivan
  6. Swedish/Finnish ancestors by Jo Ann Nyfors
  7. Vasa/Malax by Joyce Morrell
  8. Anders Nathanaelson Bur and his family from Pedersore. by Joanne Skonnard Hellberg
  9. Looking for ancesters of american immigrants, Warn, or Varn, Leif, and Washberg or va
  10. Johan Erik Johansson Erkus by Claire Johnson
  11. Descendants of Anders Mattsson Kongenkari born Nov 27, 1844 by William Berg
  12. JOHN ERICK JOHNSON born April 23, 1886 in Malax or Solf, Finland by Claire Johnson
  13. Isak Katajisto by Lorene Schertzl
  14. Johan Emerik Bjorklund by Verna Eriks
  15. Maria Annasdr Sidback by Jan Arnold
  16. Anna Matilda Johnson by Joan Bilodeau
  17. LIEVENDAHL/ALHROOS families by Louise Legeza
  18. FAGERSTROM/AHLROS families by Louise Legeza
  19. Ryss family from Solf, Finland by Karen Monson
  20. Hinds and Gullmes Family Search by Amy Lear
  21. Searching for relatives to the Olson brothers from Wisconsin or Milwaukee by Mattsson
  22. Bastman Family from Kotka by jo phillips
  23. Charles Fredrick Lepisto/Segrid Sofia Elolehto (?) Lepisto by Charles Lepisto
  24. looking for information on Oscar Heikkila by Ruby Hackley
  25. In Search Of by Penny Eckholm Dawley
  26. Ahl surname by Kim McLaughlin
  27. Tekla Johansson by Carolyn Wells
  28. Arthur Henrik Hansson Perus by Richard Skrifvars
  30. Searching for the birthplace of Samuel Knuutila, b Nov 1861, his wife, Susanna Lahti,
  31. Frank Henry Johnson born 1866. by Kristine Johnson-Burrill
  32. Looking for Lindeman and Stahl from Finland by Sandy Payment
  33. Storkull / Wilson / Rosenblad in MA or CON by Kaj Granlund
  34. Information on Clara Sofia Peterson by Sally
  35. Information on Joseph Edward Anderson by Sally
  36. Searcing relatives by Granö Jan-Erik
  37. Looking for info on Erick Hiukka, Rovaniemi Finland in 1824.
  38. Searching Kimito, Pargas, Pikkiis, Bjärnå for Blomqvist by Tracy Yeager-Boeldt
  39. John Owen Fredrickson Jr by Sören Ahinko
  40. Beck in Racine, Wisconsin by Putte Bäck
  41. Descendants to Oscar and Grace Lundgren by Nils Lundgren, Oravais Finland
  42. Knuts Emma Carlsdotter and Knuts Edvard Carlsson by Olle Grims
  43. Josef Salin by Robert K. Salin
  44. Matt Rönn by Emanuel Lambert
  45. Sanna Lundström (Great great grandmother) by Emanuel Lambert USA
  46. Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by Ulla Höglund
  47. Searching relatives in Sweden, Finland, USA and Canada by Christine Eastman (Ostman)
  48. Nils August Andersson and Kristina Karolina Persdotter by Janet Almen
  49. Mathlin by Harry Snijder
  50. My Missing Grandfather From Terjärv by Art Fors
  51. Backlund Ancestors in Finland by Edgar E Backlund
  52. Re: Vasa Finland by William G.Wright
  53. Sandstrom (Soderlund?) by Jim Bailey
  54. Wuori's of Astoria Oregon ... anything out there???? by vouri
  55. Nobody left that knows info on my gp Peter & Anna Niemi (huttunen) by Jenni Knutsen
  56. Looking for my 3rd cousin by karsten saxov
  57. Looking for Great Grandparents names by Shirley (Anderson) King
  58. Korsman by Sharon Korsman
  59. Petander in Michigan by Ulla Höglund
  60. Emigration from Borga to Forsa, Gävleborg family name Lax by Deb Glantz Hanna
  61. Roy Strom (Ragnar Nyström) from Bergö by Johan
  63. Porten/Portin/Porthen Family by Stephanie Evins
  64. Enberg Surname by Kim McLaughlin
  65. Korsnas family - Ronnlov,Mattfolk,Gronlund,Hoffman
  66. holidays
  67. Korpela
  68. Pietilä siblings
  69. Kaarle Nestori Juhanpoika Vainionpaa ( Siltaoja )
  70. Missing relatives in USA/Canada, Niemi, Makinen, Honkonen, Honko
  71. Relatives in America
  72. Pollari Family from Vaasa
  73. Matkala and Siiter
  74. Farm Map Lapua area
  75. Heikki Pakkala
  76. Alexander Karlsson Närpes född 15.11 eller 15.5 1869
  77. Pohjanmaki from Ikalinen