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  1. What does "talko" mean
  2. What is found in this forum?
  3. Where should I post the gedcom?
  4. I haven't posted any gedcom yet...
  5. I have submitted gedcom to Hasse but can't access the Talko database
  6. What about the old angraf collection?
  7. Where is the new TALKO -project database
  8. Ulla Höglund submitted her GEDCOM!
  9. Henrik Mangs' gedcom
  10. Göran Byskata's gedcom
  11. Jaska Sarell's gedcom
  12. Gita Wiklund's gedcom on-line
  13. Svenskspråkig option till Talko -databasen
  14. Maggan Lindholm's gedcom is in the Talko database
  15. Göran Berglund's gedcom on-line
  16. Henry Johansson's gedcom
  17. Talko database great
  18. New gedcom contributions
  19. Gunnel Marus gedcom on-line
  20. "Nanneman" aka Anders Eriksen's gedcom material
  21. Ronny Johannesson's gedcom in the database
  22. Arne Nylund's gedcom from Munsala is on-line
  23. Tommy Ånäs' Collection on-line
  24. The Talko -preview pedigrees...
  25. Source/sources
  26. Jouni Kaleva submitted material to Talko
  27. Talko: Search for Names
  28. Maj-Len Stubb's genealogy on line in Talko
  29. Börje Vestö's Collection on line
  30. Talko usage activity
  31. accessing GedComs
  32. Any results from the use of the Talko database?
  33. User Name Password
  34. Villbacka – Si(i)sbacka
  35. Simon Simonsson Sanbacka's wife
  36. Total # of individuals
  37. Kaj Timrén's gedcom online
  38. Surname listing in Talko collections
  39. Uppdaterad ged fil
  40. New and updated gedcoms
  41. Talko indexing
  42. ? About Gedcom Talko
  43. a password
  44. Alexander Mattsson Sandström
  45. Maria Mariasdr Kort - Andtbacka
  46. More activity in Talko Forum...
  47. Joining Talko
  48. Question
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