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17-03-04, 20:36
Looking for info on Gabiel Strom and his wife Emma Johnson who emmigrated to the USA in 1907 from Finland. He was born in 1868 and died in 1939. She was born in 1886 and died in 1954. His father's name was Michael Strom and his mother was Johanna Vias. Emma's fathers name was John Oris. Census records state that Gabriel and Emma were born in Malax but I have not been able to find any info on this. Their death records only state that they were born in Finland. Any info would be of great help.

18-03-04, 03:22
There are a number of researchers with roots in Malax on the Finlander Forum. Can you please give me the place of death for your two persons? Perhaps they were Order of Runeberg members and are listed on the obituary database.

18-03-04, 14:18
Gabriel and Emma both died in Templeton, MA and are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Templeton, MA. Gabriel died March 1, 1939 and Emma died May 29, 1954. Their parents died in Finland but I do not know where or when.

18-03-04, 14:57
Hi Donna,
Gabriel, Emma & Ellen all appear on the Ellis Island site. They traveled 4.27.1907 on the Lucania. Gabriel is listed as 39, Emma 21 and Ellen 5. They were traveling to Gardner, Mass and came from "Malaks, Fin"


19-03-04, 00:01
IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH is a Swede-Finn church and I found him and his family there without any difficulty. Usually it is the last reel I check but this time it was the first one so very easy :)

If you go to the members link, find granskare, and send me your postal address by email, I will send you the fotocopies.
It's a long list of people and I will just put given names here: Gabriel, Emma, Ellen, Helge, Helga, Bruno, Lennart, Runar, and Trounee?


19-03-04, 00:53
Thanks for the info. I knew that Gabriel and Emma landed at Ellis Island with their daughter Ellen. I have been able to gather little bits of info on them here in the US but I have nothing from Finland at all. I did find them in the Institute of Migration records so I know where and when they left Finland. It is the info before they left Finland that I just can't seem to find. :confused:

24-03-04, 02:16

I got the church record in the mail yesterday. Thanks a bunch. It had alot of dates that I haven't been able to find.:)


24-03-04, 02:53

I don't know if you got my message on Gabriel and Emma's death dates. Gabriel died 3/1/1939 and Emma died 5/29/1954. Are Malax and Malaks the same? Ellis Island records and the church records Chuck sent me say Malaks but some census records say Malax.


24-03-04, 04:47
I have seen it more as Malaks in church records because most didn't know about the proper spelling. I am looking at one right now from Seattle and it is Malax.

It just depends on what the secretary heard, just as in census. My father's dad was Viktor Makke or some such and mother's dad was Kouyonsun when we all knew it was Mäki and Kujansuu, right:)

Maybe someday I should collect all the various spellings used in church books.


24-03-04, 16:09
The kommunuty Malax


Henrik Mangs

25-03-04, 02:25
Hi Chuck!

Thanks for that bit of information. That clears things up a bit.:cool:


Thanks for the website. I will check it out.:)


05-04-04, 19:17
Hello Donna,

I just went to the library and checked out for Gabriel Ström, born 1868 but unfortunately I couldn't find any Gabriel born that year in Malax and there wasn't a Mickel Ström at the Ström farm either.
The names Ström and Vias are certainly Malax-names, so maybe you have Gabriel's birthyear wrong.


05-04-04, 22:14
Hello Maggan,

You are correct. I did have Gabriel's birth year wrong. According to his death certificate he was born on August 5, 1867 and his wife, Emma Johnson, was born on August 26, 1886.

I have no idea when Gabriel's parents, Michael Ström and Johanna Vias, were born or when they died. Word of mouth is that Gabriel's parents died in an accident and his grandparents had to raise him. I have no idea if this is true or not.:confused:


07-04-04, 22:03
Hello again

Gabriel Michelsson Wias , b. 5 aug. 1867 in Malax.
Michel Johansson Båtman (later Wias), b. 7 nov. 1842 in Malax, d. 5 sept. 1868 i Malax and Anna Stina Israelsdotter Ström, b. 17 nov. 1839 in Malax.

The family lived at Wias farm in Övermalax. Michel and Anna Stina had two more children (born in Malax), Maja Sofia, b. 31 dec. 1863 and Johan Wilhelm b. 22 nov. 1865.

After her husbands death Anna Stina moved to Sweden, where she gave birth to at least two more children, Johannes Anna-Stinasson, b. 16 jul. 1876 in Svartvik, Sweden and Albert Leonard Anna-Stinasson, b. 26 may1880 in Njurunda, Sweden.

Gabriel's sister Maja Sofia married Matts Mattson Lågas in Malax and had a lot of children. Gabriel's brother Johan Wilhelm moved to Sweden where he 1890 married Ellen Eleonora Elisabeth Ericsson and had at least two children born in Njurunda, Sweden.

Emma Kristina Johansdotter Orre, b. 26 aug. 1886 in Malax.
Johan Beatasson Kull (later Orre), b. 13 aug. 1845 in Malax and Maria Sofia Johansdotter Österholm, b. 26 nov. 1845 in Korsnäs.
Emmas siblings: Johannes, b. 26 dec. 1874 in Malax, d. 30 mar. 1935 in Malax (married, several children), Gustaf Wilhelm, b. 3 sep. 1879 in Malax, Maria Sofia, b. 25 aug 1883 in Malax.


Margaret Rader
08-04-04, 21:49
I have an Israel Jonasson Ström, b. 1820 in Malax in my tree. Maggan will be able to tell us (actually, most of my info comes from her) if this is the father of Anna Stina Israelsdr. Ström. If so, we have a connection. Israel Jonasson is the brother of Maya Stina Jonassdr. Ström married to Isak Isaksson Granholm, my direct ancestors.

Margaret Holm Rader

09-04-04, 13:09
Hi Margaret

Israel Jonasson Ström and Anna Stina Israelsdotter Ström are
not related.

Anna Stina's parents were Israel Gabrielsson Herrgård, b. 14.12 1811 in Malax, d. 4.5 1887 at Ström´s farm in Malax and Maja Lisa Abrahamsotter Nordman, b. 21.10 1810 in Malax.

Israel Jonasson Ström, b. 1820 was the son of Jonas Mattsson Ström, b. 27.7 1779 in Malax and Catharina Jonasdotter Fiskars, b. 4.9 1777 in Malax. Israel married Maria Mattsdotter Stor b. 16.1 1821 in Malax and had nine children.

The reason why these people have the same surname is just that they happend to live at parts of the same farm, Ström in Övermalax.


Margaret Rader
10-04-04, 00:31
Thanks Maggan. I thought there might be just a chance -- with the "Israel." It would have been a long-shot. I realize the surname just means the same farm.


10-04-04, 02:21
Hi Maggan,

Thanks for the great info. It is more than I could ever have expected. This information gives me alot to work with. I was about at my wits end and all my leads came to a complete dead end. I really appreciate the help you have given me.:D