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11-03-16, 01:25
I found Hilda's siblings in Ely, MN. Her sister Ida Merijarvi came to Ely (23 Aug 1902) to join brother Viktor Johansson Merijarvi. Ville Johnson (aka Otto Wilhelm born 8 Jan 1886) traveled with sister Tilda, her husband Herman Lytare Johnson, neice Sally (abt 6 July 1903)To Ely. Ville was to join Ida while Tilda and family to join Tilda's sister Hilda Merijarvi (born 19 may 1876.)

I have been able to follow Ida (Married name Sundquist, Chisholm, MN), Ville and Tilda's family up until they died. I can't find Hilda. For the past year, I traced 'a'Hilda that married a Sherman Johnson but I'm not sure anymore if she's MY Hilda. I haven't found much about Viktor either but Hilda is who's driving me crazy right now.

Their parents are Johan Eriksson Merijarvi and Lisa Eriksdr. At Hiski, I found Hilda and siblings christened at Kronoby-Kruunupyy.

Is there anything you can find?

June Pelo
11-03-16, 19:36
I found a database on Talko that had Otto Vilhelm, 8.1.1886-27.6.1976, Traverse City, MI married 1910 in Chisholm, MN to Emma Johanna Lagerström, 1890- 3 Sep 1967 Traverse City. They had 7 children, b. in Chisholm.

There was another database for the Merijärvi parents, showing the children you listed.. but only indicates they went to the US..no other info. Neither database indicates a sister named Ida.

14-03-16, 08:45
That was close...

Johan Eriksson Merijärvi was my GG Uncle. Born 21 Jan 1842 Merjärv, Kronoby, Finland. Their homestead was "at shouting distance" from where I was born. His father Erik was my GG Grandfather.

I'll try to dig up what I have on them.

19-03-16, 19:47
Thank you both so much. June, you helped me 're-think' my research. I discovered where I took a wrong turn, went back to the beginning and am now on the right track of proving what I actually know about my family. So far, the Hilda I was following WAS NOT part of my family. You also filled in some holes in my research for Otto Vilhelm.
Hasse, the thought of My Johan is YOUR Johan is sooo exciting. I never imagined that I could actually be in contact with a distant relative!!!!!! This would be so amazing!

Again, thank you both so much.

20-03-16, 16:50
Maybe a possibility for Hilda Emilia Johansdr Merijärvi...

Minnesota Death Index: Anselm D Caldwell, born 11.3.1904, Minnesota; died 27.6.1979, St. Louis County, Minnesota; mother's maiden name Merijarvi

Minnesota Birth Index: Anselm David Caldwell, born 11.3.1904, St. Louis (County), Minnesota; father's surname Caldwell; mother's maiden name Johnson

1910 US Census, Chisholm Village, St. Louis County, Minnesota (lines 91-95): David Caldwell, age 32, born Canada; wife Hilda, age 32, born Finland; sons David A, age 6; Gordon B, age 4; and John P, age 1; all born Minnesota. David and Hilda have been married for 7 years and Hilda has given birth to 3 children, all of whom were alive at the time of this census. Hilda Caldwell emigrated in 1901.

20-03-16, 17:01
Minnesota Death Index shows one Hilda Caldwell died 29.4.1912, St. Louis County, MN

There is a private family tree on Ancestry.com, with photos...

20-03-16, 17:14
These could be the births of the other two children shown in the 1910 US Census, identified as Gordon B, age 4 and John P, age 1

"Babe" (Baby?) Caldwell, born 22.11.1906, St. Louis County, MN; mother's maiden name Johnson

Patrick J Caldwell, born 18.3.1909, St. Louis County, MN; mother's maiden name Johnson

20-03-16, 19:58
1905 Minnesota State Census, Chisholm, MN (lines 28-30): David Caldwell, age 27, born Canada; wife Hilda, age 28, born Finland; son Ansel, age 1, born Minnesota

21-03-16, 11:52
The essence of what I have gathered for the "best" candidate is

"When Hilda Emilia Amelia Johnson Merijärvi Nyberg was born on May 19, 1876, in Merjärv, Kronoby, Finland, her father, Johan, was 34 and her mother, Lisa, was 35. She had three sons with David Caldwell between 1904 and 1910. She died on April 29, 1912, in St Louis County, Minnesota, at the age of 35."

Most of the stuff I have on file so far is can be found at

Hilda Emilia Johansdotter hypothesis (http://recepten.eget.net/fb/hildajohnson)

Note that I haven't yet found the 100% proof that this is "my" Hilda but there is a very good chance since the magical "Merijärvi" was found in one source. However Hilda's birth year is off in every record I've seen yet...

22-03-16, 19:30
MY Hilda, along with her siblings Ida, William and Tilda, spoke Swedish. Also, Hilda Caldwell, has potential because she lived in Chisholm around the same time my grandmother, Ida Sundquist, William and sister Tilda Johnson did. I live in Chisholm and am checking into city records to see what I can find.

23-03-16, 22:50
As this picture shows - Hilda's day of birth off only with one day from the date we have in the records in Finland.

24-03-16, 00:00
If you like, I can message the person who has the private tree on Ancestry...maybe that person would be willing to share the photos...and whatever other information he/she might have...

24-03-16, 02:35
Yes, yes, yes!! That would be fantastic.

24-03-16, 02:37
WOW!!! Hasse you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing my happy dance right now!!! Thank you soooo much!

June Pelo
24-03-16, 02:48
I think Bessemer Finn deserves a big thanks for all the research he did... good job - well done. :)

24-03-16, 04:27
thank you, June... :)

24-03-16, 06:27
Good point, June.

I think that every one standing up and assisting in these searches need a little more appreciation. I know that I, as the creator and administrator of the discussion forum, haven't thanked you each and everyone enough but since you are the Finlander forum - thank you for being there and helping your fellow Finlander members.

Thank you BessemerFinn for digging up the sources in this specific topic it helped me a lot. Also... Must say A huge thank you to June. Thank you for always being there!

I have been in contact with the person who is behind the private account on ancestry.com. She is to thank for giving the previously posted picture proof that Hilda Merijärvi actually was the Hilda Caldwell that did in TB 1912.


24-03-16, 15:15
I owe a huge thank you to all of you. I never would've been able to find Hilda without each of you adding your findings to the puzzle. I will also thank you on behalf of all of us posting our questions. I think most of us are overwhelmed at all the information that might or might not (mostly not) apply to our family. You help guide us through and teach us how to stay focused. You not only give us the information we're asking for but we can also learn so much from the approaches you take and where you find what we're looking for. Finally, you're not just adding findings to a puzzle, you are adding members to families and we'll all be forever grateful! Thank you all.

25-03-16, 01:23
BessemerFinn, you deserve a huge thank you because you laid the whole foundation of what was put together. Amazing job, thank you.

25-03-16, 02:47
WOW...such kind words...thank you, suskie... :)

Finnish genealogy is my passion...and I derive great satisfaction from helping others...as I myself was once helped many years ago on Finngen...by Jaska Sarell, a member of this Forum...

Alan Puromaki
Poland, OH

25-03-16, 03:22
Oh, my goodness, Alan. YOU LITERALLY started my research for this side of my family. Last year, when I first seriously started to research my family, I made a post on a forum and you so graciously guided me along. YOU originally found the name Merijarvi, YOU told me about the Institute of Migration site, YOU told me about how Hiski worked along with so much more. My family never talked about the old country, etc so I was really starting from scratch. I went from only knowing my grandparents to now knowing them all - especially Aunt Hilda. Your passion lit the fire in me to find out everything I can about my family and the country they left to give a better life to their kids - including me. Thank you, again.

Sue Cronberg
Chisholm, MN

25-03-16, 04:34
you just made my day, Sue...how very nice to hear from you again...i'm so glad your searches have been successful...and may that fire never be extinguished... :)


25-03-16, 17:45
To the person with the private account, thank you so much for generously sharing the proof that the Hilda we've been researching is, indeed, MY Hilda. I went from thinking I was crazy and there was no Hilda to 'meeting' my Hilda and having a ball finding out the life she lived, less than a mile from where I live now.

25-03-16, 19:34
Hi Sue...I didn't think that person was a member of this Forum...so I took the liberty of passing along your thanks to her via message on Ancestry.com...Alan

25-03-16, 20:42
thank you, again!

25-03-16, 21:29
you're welcome... :)

30-03-16, 23:37
Hi Sue...I didn't think that person was a member of this Forum...so I took the liberty of passing along your thanks to her via message on Ancestry.com...Alan

She is from today...

Welcome JoAnCrouch!

31-03-16, 02:07
welcome JoAn... :)

21-07-16, 08:42
I recently took a trip up to MN and met some family in Hibbing. They stated they think Hilda is buried in Ely, MN. I have looked on Find A Grave and not found anything. I will post any new information I find.