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June Pelo
11-03-16, 21:38
Iso (Big) Heikki, the bartender and bouncer at the Helsinki Bar and Sauna in Butte, Montana, had a challenge for everybody who came in: "Anybody who can squeeze a lemon and can get a drop of juice from it after I have squeezed I will get a year's worth of beer, free."

The challenge went on for months. Many strong guys tried to squeeze, without getting a drop of juice.

Finally one day, Pikku (Little) Matti comes to the bar. Pikku Matti is a guy, like his nickname suggests, who is small in stature, about 5-foot-6, but very "wiry."

Iso Heikki goes up to Pikku Matti and jokingly tells him about the challenge they have going on at the bar. To Iso Heikki's surprise, Pikku Matti says: "Sure I'll take part in the challenge."

Iso Heikki squeezes a fresh lemon and gives it to Pikku Matti. Pikku Matti takes the "squeezed" lemon from Iso Heikki and gives it a squeeze. And to everybody's surprise, he gets three drops of juice. Iso Heikki says: "Wait a minute, maybe I'm getting a little soft and I didn't squeeze it enough, let me try another one." This time Iso Heikki really squeezes the lemon and gives it to Pikku Matti. Pikku Matti takes the lemon and gives it a "good" squeeze and this time he gets five drops of juice. Iso Heikki and everybody at the bar is astonished.

Finally, Iso Heikki says to Pikku Matti, "Congratulations, you have won yourself a year's worth of free beer. Oh, by the way, where do you work?"

Pikku Matti: "I'm retired, but I used to work at the IRS."