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15-03-16, 17:01
I am looking for any information about my grandfather Antti Siitari born in Mikkeli 1889, emigrated to Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada in 1926. He had two sisters who died young, several brothers and one stepbrother Otto who died in Lappenranta in 1999. Several of the brothers emigrated also. His wife Ida (Halinen) my grandmother was a barber in Mikkeli. His father Matti looked after the cemetery in Mikkeli and lived in the caretakers cottage. I would like to find out any information about their life in Finland if possible and any possible relatives.

16-03-16, 21:33
Antti Siitari, age 24, Last Permanent Residence Mikkeli, born Harjumaa, Mikkeli (with Mikkeli crossed out); wife Ida Siitari, Harjumaa, Kangasniemi; traveled to Negaunee, MI in 1913. He traveled with Henrik Siitari, age 26, also from Mikkeli, born Mikkeli; father Matti and wife Alma, both in Mikkeli. Antti and Henrik were going to join Wille Siitari, who was Antti's cousin and Henrik's brother.

Institute of Migration Passenger Information gives Antti's age as 26 (born about 1887). But the passenger list shows 24 (born about 1889).

Is this Antti Siitari your grandfather?

Institute of Migration Passenger Information and the SS Metagama Passenger List for the 1926 emigration to Canada, both show Antti's age as 35 (born about 1889).

I cannot find any Antti/Anders Siitari born 1887-1889, Mikkeli; with a father Matts/Matti Siitari.

Are you certain that Antti was born in Mikkeli and that his father's name was Matti?

17-03-16, 02:15
This is a different Antti and Ida Siitari. I did find the passenger list for my grandfather arriving in Quebec city August 6, 1926, on the SS Metagama - his destination listed as Port Arthur. My mother Annikki and grandmother Ida came later June 17, 1928 on the SS Drottingholm and I have found their passenger list information. But thank you for the information provided. I am pretty sure Antti's father's name was Matti and I think his mother's name was Wilhelmina but I have not been able to confirm this. I do know for certain that his stepbrother's name was Otto Siitari. So I am still trying to find more information about his family in Finland.

17-03-16, 16:21
I have now looked through Mikkeli birth records, 1887-1891...and no Anders/Antti with father Matts/Matti Siitari...

According to the Metagama passenger list, Antti Siitari's age as of August, 1926, was 35...so he would have been born about 1890-1891...

Antti Emil Siitari, born 13.1.1890, Mikkeli; parents Heikki Juhana Siitari, born 7.8.1864; and Hilda Maria Hänninen, born 24.4.1864; married 21.11.1886, Mikkeli

This Antti Siitari would have been 36 in August 1926. He did not have 2 sisters who died young, but he did have 2 brothers who died as infants...

17-03-16, 19:10
From MyHeritage.

If this is the same family it says that Antti Siitari was born in April 1889.

18-03-16, 02:03
This Antti is not my grandfather. His two sisters died young but not as infants. He had three brothers who emigrated also and one stepbrother Otto Siitari who stayed in Finland and died in Lappenranta in 1999. My grandfather Matti was widowed and married again. I will keep searching. Thanks for your help.

18-03-16, 02:04
This is my heritage family site. I could have the birthdate wrong. It could be 1890 or 1891.

18-03-16, 03:15
It might help to know the names of Antti's siblings...including the sisters who died young...also where the brothers went when they emigrated...

I also searched Mikkeli births for Otto, born 1901...but found none with parents having a surname Siitari...

18-03-16, 17:45
1869-1879 Rippikirja, Mikkeli kaupunkiseurakunnan (bottom of page): Matts Siitari

If I am reading this correctly, he came from page 631 in Lastenkirja (Children's Book), which unfortunately, is not available. No birth date is shown, but he could have been 15-16 years old at the time.

It would seem the necessary records to identify him further are not available online.

21-03-16, 02:20
I do not know the names of the sisters and only possible names for the brothers - Charlie, Eino, Veikko and Ville. The brother's emigrated to Michigan as far as I know. Otto's birthdate could possibly be wrong but he was born after Antti's mother died and he was younger than Antti. I don't know the name of his mother. My mother had cousins in Michigan. Bill and Elsie Siitar, Arnold Siitar and a cousin Ines.

21-03-16, 04:40
Michigan Marriage Index: Arnold W Siitar, William Siitar and Ina Siitar; parents William Siitar and Sophia Ahlson

Michigan Marriage Record: William Siitori and Sophia Ahlson married 3.10.1914, Negaunee, MI...William's parents are Matti Siitori and Sofia Narvanen

21-03-16, 04:41
1909 Passenger List (line 17): Wilhelm Siiteri, from Mikkeli; father Matti; to Negaunee, MI

22-03-16, 16:17
It seems that I misinterpreted the notation when I posted this previously...

"1869-1879 Rippikirja, Mikkeli kaupunkiseurakunnan (bottom of page): Matts Siitari

If I am reading this correctly, he came from page 631 in Lastenkirja (Children's Book), which unfortunately, is not available. No birth date is shown, but he could have been 15-16 years old at the time."

Matts Mattsson Siitari, born 11.12.1854, is shown with parents and siblings in Mikkeli maaseurakunta Communion Book, 1870-1879, at Harjumaa 21. The comment in the last column shows that in 1879, he moved to a farm located on page 631 in this same book...

Page 631, Mikkeli maaseurakunta Communion Book, 1870-1879 (last name): Matts Mattsson Siitari, born 11.12.1854. Comment in last column shows that in 1881, he moved again and can now be found on page 78. But he is not shown on page 78 in the Mikkeli masseurakunta Communion Book 1880-1889.

I think he is the Matts Siitari shown on page 78 in Mikkeli kaupunkiseurakunta Communion Book, 1870-1879.

And I suspect that he could be your great grandfather...however, that cannot be conclusively determined, as the necessary records do not seem to be available online.

22-03-16, 16:42
Mikkeli kaupunkiseurakunta Communion Book, 1870-1879: Sofia Olivia Henriksdr Närvänen, born 20.6.1863...maybe...


23-03-16, 03:55
1900 Henkikirjat (top of page): Matti Siitari, born 1854, with 4 children, 3 male and 1 female (L 3-1); unmarried female (p) Loviisa Liukkonen, born 1856...perhaps Lovisa later became Matti's second wife?


23-03-16, 04:16
This page from 1910 shows Wille Siitari, born 1889, to America (Amerikassa)

So I think I'm looking in the right place...

23-03-16, 04:41
1915 Henkikirjat (near bottom of page): Matti Siitari, born 1854; wife (name unreadable, possibly Miina?), born 1862; L (children) Antti, born 1891; one other male child (1-0), who is probably Otto


23-03-16, 04:52
1910 Henkikirjat: Matti Siitari, born 1854; wife Miina, born 1862; L (children) Heikki, born 1887; Antti, born 1891; 1-1 (also one male and one female); Viiho Siitari, born 1889, to America (Amerikassa)


23-03-16, 05:04
1890 Henkikirjat: Matti Siitari, born 1854; wife Sofia, born 1863; L (Children) 2-0 (2 males and one female). Also shown is Taavetti Närvänen, born 1854, Sofia's brother; his wife Ulla (Ulrika), born 1848; children (unclear how many); and Anna (Anna Maria Hokkonen), born 1818, who is the mother of Taavetti Närvänen and Sofia (Närvänen) Siitari.


June Pelo
23-03-16, 13:32
Wow, Alan... you really burned the midnight oil on this one... good job! :)

23-03-16, 14:26
thank you, June... :)

23-03-16, 15:27
From the SSHY Free Site:

Matts, born 11.12.1854, Harjumaa 21, Mikkeli maaseurakunta; parents Bden (Bonden, Farmer's Son) Matts Siitari and Hedda Ottrain, age 28: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/syntyneet_1833-1862_msrk_tk1156/80.htm

Communion Book (Rippikirja), Mikkeli maaseurakunta, 1828-1847, Harjumaa 21, Kolingo: Matts Michelsson Siitari, born 10.5.1826; wife Hedvig Thomasdr Ottranen, born 2.1.1828. It looks like they were married 12.4.1846. http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/rippikirja_1828-1847_msrk_tk1144/106.htm

Preconfirmation Records (Lastenkirja), Mikkeli maaseurakunta, 1847-1858, Harjumaa 21, Kolingo: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/lastenkirja_1847-1858_msrk_tk1152-1153/51.htm

Preconfirmation Records, Mikkeli maaseurakunta, 1859-1868: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/lastenkirja_1859-1869_msrk_tk1153/59.htm

23-03-16, 15:54
The 1913 passenger list that I posted here previously...showing Antti Siitari and Henrik Siitari (lines 3-4)...I think Henrik Siitari (father Matti, wife Alma) was the brother of your grandfather Antti and was born in 1887...he was going to join their brother Wille Siitari in Negaunee, MI...Wille is Wilhelm (William) Siitari, born 1889, who emigrated to Negaunee in 1909...

24-03-16, 03:02
I believe you could be right about Wilhelm (William). I can't believe how much information you have been able to provide. I thank you kindly. I am trying to sort it all out. I do feel like I am making some progress now........ I have found the marriage information for William Siitori (misspelled) and it led me to their three children - William, Arnold and Aino (Ina) who are definitely my mother's cousins. It lists William's father as Matti Siitori and mother Sofia Narvanen. Maybe Sofia is the first wife of Matti and Wilhelmina the second wife. Question - how do I attach a document? It didn't seem to work for me.

24-03-16, 03:55
To attach a file here? When you reply, select Go to Advanced Editor. Click on the paper clip...choose Add Files...select the file from your computer...click on Upload...when finished, click on Done...

Most likely, Sofia Närvänen was the first wife of Matti Siitari...the mother of Heikki, Wilhelm and Antti, born 1887, 1889 and 1891 respectively...and the mother of the one female child alive in 1900...Sofia is not shown in 1900, so she must have died by then...the 1910 Henkikirjat shows L 1-1, one male and one female...the male was probably Otto, born to Matti's second wife Miina (Wihlelmina)...the female may be the same female shown in 1900...or she could be another child born to Miina...there is no female child shown in 1915, so the 2 girls who died young could be the one shown in 1900 and the one shown in 1910...

I have to correct what I said about the 1890 Henkikirjat...L 2-0 indicates 2 children, both male...not 2 male and 1 female as I stated...

12-04-16, 04:57
Hello Alan, you provided me with a lot of information about Siitaris - I wonder if you could possibly help me with my grandmother Ida who married Antti Siitari. She was born in 1897 in Mikkeli. Father David Halinen (born 1867 - died 1898) and mother Heta Viljakainen (born 1871 - died 1953). She was the only female and had eight or nine brothers. I have been able to confirm a lot of information about Viljakainen's from a cousin but all he knew about Heta was her name and birthdate and had no information at all about David Halinen. We are pretty sure two of the Halinen brothers were Kalle and Hiski. Other names could be Eino, Heikki, Veikko, Antti and Matti. Any information you could find out would be greatly appreciated. And once again, thank you so much for all your help.

12-04-16, 16:02
I don't have access to my computer right now...I'll look tonight or tomorrow morning...

13-04-16, 02:54
Ida, born 15.11.1897, Mikkeli; parents Torp. David Halinen and Heta Wiljakainen, age 29

Taavetti Heikinp. Halinen and Heta Wiljakainen were married 7.4.1890, Mikkeli

David, born 27.9.1867, Mikkeli; parents Torp. Henrik Halinen and Lovisa Viljakainen, age 25

Mikkeli Preconfirmation Records, 1870-1879; children born to Henrik Halinen and Lovisa Viljakainen, born 1842: Hiskias, David, Otto, Wilhelmina, Amanda

Mikkeli Communion Book, 1859-1869, Harjujärvi 3: Henrik Henriksson Halinen, born 17.2.1830; wife Lovisa Wiljakainen, born 7.11.1842 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/6zab9h?en+0332+kastetut+32530)

Link to page above from SSHY free site: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/rippikirja_1859-1869_msrk_tk1148-1149/72.htm

13-04-16, 03:01
Mikkeli Communion Book, 1890-1899: David Heikinp. Halinen, born 27.9.1867; died 16.7.1898, Mikkeli; wife Heta Matintr. Wiljajainen, born 18.10.1868

13-04-16, 03:21
I think this is Henrik, born 19.2.1830, Mikkeli (HisKi): http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/6zab0c?en+0332+kastetut+28464

Shown here at Harjujärvi 3, with parents and siblings in Mikkeli Communion Book, 1847-1858


13-04-16, 03:57
Hedda Sofia, born 18.10.1868, Harjujärvi 2, Mikkeli; parents Matts Vilkainen and Hedda Kuuva?

Shown here with sibllings at Harjujärvi 2, Kuvasmäki, in Mikkeli Preconfirmation Records, 1870-1879

13-04-16, 14:56
Mikkeli Preconfirmation Records, 1890-1899: As of this time frame, Ida had brothers Kaarle, born 16.7.1892; and Hiskias, born 11.3.1895

13-04-16, 15:03
I just noticed that I misspelled Viljakainen a couple of times in previous posts...sorry...

13-04-16, 15:16
Hedda Sofia Viljakainen also had a brother Viltor, born 9.7.1871; died 22.11.1873

13-04-16, 15:32
The most recent Preconfirmation Records available at SSHY, 1890-1899, do not show any additional children born to Henrik Halinen and Lovisa Viljakainen

13-04-16, 16:35
Torparen Ungk (crofter, bachelor) Henrik Henriksson Halinen from Harjujärvi 3, and Torparens dr (daughter) Lovisa Wiljakainen from Harjumaa 19, were married 10.1.1864, Mikkeli

13-04-16, 16:55
Lovisa shown here with parents and siblings, at Harjumaa 19, in Mikkeli Communion Book, 1859-1868

Link to page above from SSHY free site: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/mikkeli/rippikirja_1859-1869_msrk_tk1148-1149/124.htm

14-04-16, 01:21
Wow! you are great at this. This information looks correct.

14-04-16, 01:29
thanks...i've had a lot of practice... :)

12-12-16, 12:55
Hello, just dropped in to see what's going on here. Is this thread still active? I was born in Harjumaa, on the last farm left of the land Halinen's owned since the first land tax register 1541. Also Siitaris lived in Harjumaa before one of them moved to Kangasniemi around 1620, where some of them still live. There is a Facebook group Siitari and the family is looking for more people to do a manline test, at the moment there are two of them tested.

29-12-16, 20:14
Hello, just dropped in to see what's going on here. Is this thread still active? I was born in Harjumaa, on the last farm left of the land Halinen's owned since the first land tax register 1541. Also Siitaris lived in Harjumaa before one of them moved to Kangasniemi around 1620, where some of them still live. There is a Facebook group Siitari and the family is looking for more people to do a manline test, at the moment there are two of them tested.

Hello Eeva,
Yes, I am still trying to find any information about Halinen and Siitari relatives in Mikkeli.
Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

28-06-17, 10:14
Hello, - it seems I have accidentally dropped this one until someone else asked me about this thread. So, if you still have questions, I'll try to stay tuned ...