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18-03-04, 04:50
This painting by Yrjo Kari (born 1901) is in my home. I am trying to find out about the painter but I would also like to learn something about the subject.

Does anyone recognize the folk dress of this lovely lady? Can anyone tell me if this painting was done in Finland or was the artist living in America at some time?

Kaj Granlund
20-03-04, 14:47
Paintings and dresses are not my area but to me it doesn't look like a folk dress. I might well be wrong. If it is a folk dress I feel it is more like one from Sweden than Finland. I will ask my cousin, she knows the dresses from Dalarna in Sweden.

31-03-04, 11:07

I looked at the Finnish artists (www.artists.fi), where
they have database of Finnish artists, with no result.
It seems that he did not belong to the Professional
artists association, but still could have done a lot of
Something familiar is in that picture, I think
I have seen similar pictures as printed.
Have to find more sources.

01-04-04, 09:17
Hi Claire,

At the Genealogical Society of Finland I found in the Index of Deceased Canadians of Finnish Descent in the Sudbury District, Ontario
KARI (f. Rintakari) Yrjo Ilmari "George"
b. Lapua Jan 10 1901
d. 1-May-1964 St Matthew's Finnish Church
Book 2
buried Park Lawn Cemetery Sudbury


If this is the man about whom you are seeking information, perhaps you may find more at the following site or one of its links.


Best wishes,

01-04-04, 09:32
Thank you, Jeanette! You do fantastic detective work!!!!

I will check out the links.