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18-03-04, 16:32
Hello! I have tried for years to find information on a family named Tysk. They were born in the city of Vaasa way back in the mid to late 1500's. They are not in the Vaasa Archives, nor in Hiski. I have information on Hans Tysk, who is an ancestor of my grandfather, but, I can't find anything on his brothers : Thomas, Daniel, or Carl. They are listed in Sursillian Suku, because their mother was Margaretha Östentytär Sursill, but, there is no further information about who they married, etc. Any help or suggestions that will aid me in my search will be appreciated.

18-03-04, 20:26
From Göran Berglund's database.

Table 1
Tysk, Anders. Born about 1530 in Vasa. Karl IX:s skräddare,bodde i Vasa
Married to Sursill, Margaretha Östensdotter. Father: Sursill, Östen Ericsson. Bonde i Västerteg,Umeå. Born 1531 in Umeå, Sverige. Bonde 1553-1580.Han var även riksdagsman och fogde 1571. Died 1601. Mother: , Magdalena Ericsdotter. Born about 1535 in Laihela. Hon var hema från Vasa i Finland. (Alcénius 1850)
Tysk, Catharina Andersdotter. Born 1559.
Leskelä (Tysk), Hans Andersson. Born 1561. See table 2.
Tysk, Thomas Andersson. Born 1563.
Tysk, Daniel Andersson. Born 1564.
Tysk, Carl Andersson. Born 1566.
Tysk, Jacob Andersson. Born 1567. See table 3.
Tysk, Clara Andersdotter.
Table 2 (generation 1)
(From Table 1)
Leskelä (Tysk), Hans Andersson. Laxfogde. Born 1561. Från Hans Andersson, kan man gå vidare i släktboken Leskelä-Lescelius-lescell-Lesell suku av Matti Nieminen Ykkös-Offset Oy, Vaasa 2002. Boken innehller 1903 tabeller 280 sidor.
Married to Leskelä, Cecilia. Änka. Born 1565.
Leskelä (Tysk), Mattia Hansson. Born 1585. Died 1674.
Table 3 (generation 1)
(From Table 1)
Tysk, Jacob Andersson. Born 1567. Borgmästare i Uleåborg 1634
Married to , Catharina. Died efter 1644.
Tysk, Jacob Jacobsson. Born 1626. Died 1675. See table 4.
Table 4 (generation 2)
(From Table 3)
Tysk, Jacob Jacobsson. Born 1626. Tog namnet Teudschovius;kapellan i Kalajoki 1648. Died 1675.
Married 1st to Groot, Margareta.
Theudscovius, Jöran Jacobi. Kapellan i Uleåborg 1682. Buried 24/5 1691 in Uleåborg.
Married 2nd to Mathesius, Margareta.

Henrik Mangs

18-03-04, 21:10
Thank you for responding to my message, however, I already have this information, some from Sursillian Suku, and, the rest from Matti Nieminen's book. He is related to me. As you can see, there is nothing for Thomas, Daniel, or Carl, except for their birthdates, and, they are the names that I want information on. I wonder what became of them? Did they move to Sweden? Does Göran Berlund have site where I can see his database? Once again, thank you for responding, I reall appreciate it!

18-03-04, 21:17
Here can you go in to Göran Berglund's database.


Henrik Mangs

19-03-04, 16:24
I don't have Gedcom material to submit, because, I don't have genealogy software now, but, I plan on installing some in the future. So, I'll be unable to gain access to Göran Berlund's database at this time, because, I don't have a username and password. Thank you for your help!

19-03-04, 20:25
Hi Roger. Welcome aboard!
Why not write an email directly to Goran Berglund. He's a very generous family researcher, and although his collection doesn't include your three persons, he may well know of someone else who is searching this family.

20-03-04, 01:21
Hi Syrene,
Thank you for the welcome! I would be very surprised if anyone is doing research on the Tysk name, but, I will still send an e-mail to Göran to see what he says.
I realized too late that I sent my message to the wrong thread, I know it shouldn't have been under "Members". Please forgive a rookies mistake.

20-03-04, 07:07
Hej Roger,
It's hard to hid stuff from us here at sfhs. We'll tunnel thru the snow if we must to get to it:)
Welcome and I hope you find your Tysk people.
I do lookups with Swenson swedish immigration materials here in Rock Island so if there's some body who might have joined a swedish speaking church in usa, let me know.

Chuck Maki, formerly of Marquette Co.:D

Karen Norwillo
20-03-04, 18:03
Hi Roger and welcome from a former Yooper, too. I am from Crystal Falls, Iron county, transplanted to Pennsylvania. Karen

20-03-04, 18:49
Hi Karen,
I was to the Astoria church and saw the good pastor's handwriting in the books. I wish all of those guys would have written as clearly and given as much info as he did. Make it simpler.

20-03-04, 19:52
Hi Karen!
It's nice getting a welcome from a fellow "YOOPER", even though you're transplanted, you'll always be a "YOOPER" at heart. Right now I'm watching Crystal Falls-Forest Park play Ontonagon in the boy's basketball regional finals at MTU in Houghton. The score is tied in the third quarter, go TROJANS!!
Who are you researching? Let me know, maybe I'll know them.
Until next time.......The game is really good, I've got to leave....

27-03-04, 02:14
You probably already know this, but Tysk can mean German. One of my husband's two hundred year old connections was named Estland and indeed came from Estonia originally!

27-03-04, 17:28
Hi Syrene,
Yes, I was told a long time ago that Tysk means German, but, I have found the name in many places in Hiski, and, they have been born in Finland, but, there's no way for me to know if they're connected to "my" Tysk family, because they were born in the 1700's, and, "mine" were born in the late 1500's, so, their descendants would be in the 1600's, so, that's a pretty big gap to fill. Thank you for your concern.