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June Pelo
16-04-16, 23:58
This was posted on Facebook, and he was advised to post on Finlander:

I have been researching one particular family from Petalax (Petolahti), Finland which had two daughters immigrating to US.

The elder, Anna Sofia Österback (born 18 August 1874 in Petalax) immigrated to US for the first time on 27 February 1896 and returned to Finland from Boston, MA in 1899. She then returned to US heading for Aspen, Colorado on 23 May 1900.

Her sister Emma Kristina Österback (born 29 December 1887 in Petalax) immigrated to US through Canada in 1905. Her sister Anna haid paid for the trip and lived now in Leadville, Colorado under the name Anna Henriksson.

My traces of them end here, would anyone have information of this family since or even knowledge did they have any children or descendants?

Closest family members have a slight memory that Emma probably died in US in 1916 or very close to that. Though we have not been able to find any exact information.
Jere Markkanen

K-G Olin Records show " Henriksson Anna Sofia 2 born in 1871 in kantlax, in America, 1898-1906, cook in Colorado. (Wold. Backmans Emigrantundersökning, jakobstads museum)." As found in the sfhs dabase dee http://finlander.genealogia.fi/databases/deesfhs/DEEOlin.php

Jere Markkanen

Karen Norwillo
17-04-16, 21:09
Searching Ancestry, I found the emigration info, but checking Anna Sofia's birth, the year should be 1875 per HISKI. Father was Jakob Wilhelm Österback, mother Anna Brita. If Anna was using Henrikson or Hendrickson in Colorado, could it be a married name? Otherwise shouldn't it be Jacobson? Henriksson was her father's patronymic.

June Pelo
17-04-16, 21:39

I'll pass your posting on to him..

Karen Norwillo
18-04-16, 15:25
I contacted him directly as he requested.

18-04-16, 16:29
Birth book, number two left side:

Karen Norwillo
19-04-16, 16:21
Yes, you are correct. Somehow I read it wrong. It is 1874. Thank you.