View Full Version : Mira Hämäläinen

02-05-16, 10:39
She is not related to me but we were childhood friends. Then she moved away and we lost contact. I have tried every possible way to find her.. :/
Where should I look? Her name is Mira, born Hämäläinen, in May 1981, Oravais. Her mother was Katja Hämäläinen and father Markku. Mira moved with her mother and little brother Jami-petteri to Borås or Västerås, Sweden. Her mother remarried. I heard Mira at some point lived in Croatia. She loves dogs. Brown hair and brown eyes. Probably married.

Jorma Penttinen
23-10-16, 12:16
Hi, try eniro.se
There you can find Markku Hämäläinen's phone number and address. He lives in Uppsala. Hope he is Mira's father.