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03-05-16, 08:19
A friend of mine is seeking for her grandfathers brother Arthur Richard Ragnell b.3.2.1886 in Finland. We can´t find him in the records in the institute of Migration in Åbo and we don´t know were in U.S. he has been living.
Can anyone help us?
Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
03-05-16, 15:40
Arthur Richard Ragnell married Sigrid E Palmgren 1913 in Detroit, MI. 1920 census in Detroit. He's a woodworker in the Motor Co. They have a son Harold Arthur Ragnell. Harold A Ragnell 17 Dec 1919 died 12 Mar 2002. Buried Dallas-Ft Worth National Cemetery. He was married to Margaret Elizabeth Crane. She was born 1926, died 1983. Sigrid E Palmgren 1889-1960. Arthur Richard Ragnell died 3 Jun 1980 in Palm Beach, FL. He and Sigrid are buried in Small Maple Root Cemetery, Coventry, Kent, RI.
1930 census in Warwick, Kent, RI Arthur is a metal worker, Harold is 10, mother-in-law Louisa Palmgren and brother-in-law Arthur R Palmgren live with them. There is also a daughter Lillian age 6. Attached are some images. I will search for more.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-16, 16:27
Looks like Arthur remarried after Sigrid died. Lyyli Elviira Pennala Anttila born 23 May 1894 in Alavuus, Finland, died 28 Aug 1971. She is buried Swan Point Cemetery, RI. They were older when they married, Aug 1961. Sigrid died in 1960. Sigrid's
daughter Lillian Ragnell 6 Sep 1923 Providence, RI, died 18 Mar 1999 in St Paul, MN. Husband Charles Andrew Ripley 2 Aug 1925-28 Jan 2002 St Paul, MN. They had one son born 1967. She used Lili Sigrid Ripley.

03-05-16, 16:50
Thank you Karen. You are always so helpful. Did Arthur and Sigrid had more children than Lillian and Harold ?

03-05-16, 18:28
Find A Grave:


Karen Norwillo
03-05-16, 19:07
Those two are the only children I found, but then, the 1940 census is the last one available. Lili Sigrid and husband Charles Rliey are buried in Ft Snelling Nat'l Cemetery in Minneapolis, MN.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-16, 20:08
Here's some Ragnell facts. 1940, Arthur and family returning from visit to Sigrid's mother in Myllykoski, Umeljoki. Just the 2 children. Various RI directories has Arthur as woodworker and pres-treas Auto Metal Body Co. Lili (daughter) listed as artist Gordon Schonfarber & Assoc. Harold Arthur and Margo (Margaret) are in Dallas, TX in directories. He's an engineer. I have some info I will send PM for privacy.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-16, 21:18
Sigrid's mother and brother are buried in Small Maple Root Cemetery in RI.
Elizabeth (Elisa Louisa) Palmgren 1866-1955
Arthur R Palmgren 10 Sep 1903-Aug 1982

Karen Norwillo
04-05-16, 18:40
Harold Arthur Ragnell was a Captain and then a Lt. Colonel in the US Army Aircorps in WWII and Korea.
There is a 1926 trip to US for Liisa Palmgren 60 and son Yrjo. Going to Providence, RI. Says Liisa born Elimäki, last residence Anjala. In 1946 80 year old Liisa Palmgren again to Providence. Looks like she made several trips. Liisa/Elizabeth was listed as Louisa in 1930 census, maybe the census taker misheard Liisa. 1935 RI Census has her as Elizabeth.