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18-05-16, 11:45
Where is Talko?

27-05-16, 18:48
Talko is off-line at the moment.

Actually this is due to two different events. One is that due to the GSF server changes recently the Talko database didn't start up properly. It was communicated from the GSF IT that the move to another server wouldn't have any influence on the existing services but as I soon noticed it had.

I was in the process of installing updates to the database with intentions to get the database on-the-air when the second event happened all of a sudden. I had an heart attack and have been hospitalized for a while but am now back home trying to catch up with life.

The database will get up running but the timetable is somewhat dependent upon other things at the moment as you might understand. I hope you can be patient for a little longer and bear with me.


Karen Norwillo
28-05-16, 16:28
You take care of yourself first. Much as we miss Talko, it can wait.

29-05-16, 03:49
get well, Hasse...that should be your first priority...