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21-03-04, 21:59
I have received a two page list of possible family members of my wife, Gladys Westerlund. However it is in the Finnish language. Is there someone who will translate this for me. I can either send the two pages via snail mail or attatch it to an e-mail as a adobe.pdf file.
Roy Schnell

Nyberg Ernst
22-03-04, 18:16
Please send it to me.

30-03-04, 00:36
Dear Mr. Nyberg;
Below is the location of the pages of the Westerlund families. I do not know how to send them as an attachment. These are stored in Adobe 6 program.

Roy Schnell

C:\Documents and Settings\Roy\My Documents\westerlunds.pdf
C:\Documents and Settings\Roy\My Documents\westerlunds001.pdf