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23-07-16, 21:52
While searching for American cousins I run into a Finnish cousin in a FamilySearch Genealogical Tree. Does anyone know, how it works? I am not confident the information is correct, but as it concerns data from 1910's there are no searchable archives. The only clue about the source is the text in the upper right corner: submitted (date) by (username + number). Is there a way to contact the submitter?

K-G Molander
11-08-16, 18:23

Try below links:



If you live in USA, I can give you a phone # to call for help. Otherwise, I can give you an email address to a lady working in Family History Library. She is from Vasa and know a lot about family Tree.

12-12-16, 14:48
Sorry, I didn't see your post, because I got the submitter's contact info earlier from a lady who is a MAP member. She probably used her own contacts to find it. But I'll keep your links for any future needs. Thank you!