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08-08-16, 10:50
I'm looking for more information about my grandmother's uncle.
Adolf was born in Gertruds, Larsmo, Finland 27-03-1887. He emigrated to USA in 1906 with destination Park City, Utah. In 1910 he lived in Colorado, San Miguel.
On March 8, 1914, he died in a mining accident in Wallace, Idaho. The mining company sent some letters home to Finland to his mother Maria (Mary Erickson). They were addressed from Snow Storm Mining Company. In those letters, they wrote his name, Ed Erickson. As far as we now he hadn't got any children or wife.
I'm interested of to get more information about this accident, and if there any chance to find a grave.

Karen Norwillo
08-08-16, 21:47
The only thing I could find was a list of miners involved in Fatal accidents. Ed Erickson was listed as killed 9 Mar 1914. The Snowstorm Apex Mining company was a very old private underground gold mine. There is a book titled "From Hell to Heaven" available which gives a history of Death Related Accidents in North Idaho 1891-1972. I don't know how much it will tell you about his accident. I did read many people were killed in Wallace from snow slides in 1913-1914. The early mines were very dangerous with some having 2 deaths a month on average. You might try contacting the Shoshone county genealogical society to see if a newspaper article might be available.

21-08-16, 11:46
Thank you for the information - and great to hear you at least found him as listed killed. Thanks for the tips - I must try to get the book if it can give me some more information about the accident or if there might be any articles written.
In 1910 he worked as a goldminer in Avage Basin, San Miguel, stayed as a boarder together with other Swedish Finns.
There must have been other workers from Larsmo, Finland too. The only name I have is a man called Viktor Gertrud, b. 1888.

June Pelo
21-08-16, 15:27
There is an Otto Gertruds, b. 1875, Larsmo, listed in my database of immigrants who died in America.. includes Pedersöre, Larsmo, Esse, Purmo, etc.: http://sydaby.eget.net/emig/pedersore_immigrants.htm

27-12-16, 22:51
Thank you June - I have a lot of relatives from Gertruds, but no one called Otto. I found some of my relatives in your database, and some of them I have more information about. But Adolf is stilll missing...