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22-03-04, 19:30

Copper Country Homecoming & Old Settlers Ball 2004
This summer there will one more reason to come on up to the Copper
Country. It is a four county celebration of Heritage and Pride. It
will feature historical and genealogical events in the heart of the
peninsula. Events planned for June 28--July 3 in Houghton are:
Registration, History and Photo Fair, a two day Symposium of Local
History, and the third Old Settlers Ball. It is an array of programs
emphasizing your family heritage and local history. It's a great
time for family reunions.

The first Old Settlers Ball [1874] was held at The Phoenix Hotel in
Eagle River, in Keweenaw County. The 260 early settlers reminisced
about the events of the copper boom dating back to 1844. The second
Old Settlers Ball was in 1890 at the Dee Building in Houghton. The
ball was attended by hundreds who came by stagecoach and railroad,
to again reminisce about the early copper rush.

The tradition will continue in 2004 for the Third Old Settlers Ball.
It will be held at Dee Stadium in Houghton, Saturday Evening, July
3. This festive and fun event will have a dance band, entertainment,
and a program including the opening then burying of a time capsule.
A Collector Program Book will be published filled with "memorians"
of people who lived here in the heyday, and information about
events, supporters, and attendees. Editor, Barbara Herveat has set a
May 1 deadline for printing. Tickets for 1,000 attendees will be
available for $20 each, including the book. Additional books will be
available for $10. Team leaders for these events are Jay Rowe, John
Siller, and Ralph Raffelli.

The Copper Country Homecoming will start with Registration Mon. June
28-July 2 at Dee Stadium. Also at the Dee is a daylong History and
Photo Fair, June 30, will include 2,000 photos from the past
displayed by Ralph Raffelli. This event will have displays and
booths by local historic groups outlining events they offer. There
will be a local history author's table, photos, map collections, and
genealogy study. There will be assistance to help families research
their heritage, including some computer networking. This will be of
interest to both local and out of town families. You may find some
long lost relatives. The booths will also be in place on June 30, in
the afternoon. Ralph Raffelli and Avis West are team leaders for
these events.
July 1 and 2 will be jam packed with a Symposium of Local History,
related lectures, talks and studies. It will be presented on the
Michigan Tech Campus. There will be historical researchers from
local regions and elsewhere. This will be an interchange of ideas,
people, and places that have shaped Michigan's historic copper
district. It could include topics on archeology, labor, environment,
family and domestic issues, industry, technology, community,
biography, ethnicity, architecture, native America, and historic
preservation. The exact schedule will be determined later. The team
leader is Erik Nordberg, Director of the MTU Archives.

These events are all part of a four county cooperative effort
involving the Keweenaw, Houghton, and Ontonagon, County's Historical
Societies, the Baraga County Cultural Arts and Historical Heritage
Preservation, and The Ojibway Tribe. The committee members working
to make these exciting events possible are representative of all the
towns and cities, historical and genealogy societies in the area and
the National Historical Parks.

Additional and updated information may be obtained on line at
www.CChomecoming.org. Soon you will be able to print a mail order
form for purchasing tickets and registering on this web site.
Memorian" space in the Program Book can be ordered on a form from
the website also. You may write to---Houghton Keweenaw Genealogy
Society, Settlers Ball Committee, P.O. Box 675, Houghton, MI 49931.