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23-03-04, 00:33

this section of the Finlander forum seems to be quite silent one - so let´s go with a case that has confused me.

I just searched through Talko database to check what the collections might say about the mother of Brita Johansdotter Bjong, b.18 Jun 1731. I found her name in 14 collections.

In some collections it was mentioned that Brita´s mother was Carin Danielsdotter Torkulla, b.1702. In some collections her mother was Carin Danielsdotter Kortjärv, b.24.10.1700, in a couple of collections the mother´s name was left unmentioned.

I just got a call from a friend and he said to me that in Caino-Torp book, page 119, table 272, it is stated that the mother of Brita was Carin Danielsdr Kortjärvi b. 24.10.1700.

This is all I know and have found about this case.

Does anyone know which one of the mothers were the right one, and what might have caused the confusion between these two mother candidates?

Jorma Kohonen

Hasse Andtbacka
23-03-04, 09:58
In the communion book from 1746-59 the head of Bjogn is Henrik Tomasson, who resides with his hustr. Margareta. The next person is son Johan and then Johan's wife Carin Danielsdr, born 1702.

This is the first communion book with birth dates (only for some persons). The mother of Brita may have been Carin Danielsdr Kortjärvi b. 1700, but in that case she died and Johan remarried Carin Danielsdr b. 1702.


Helena & Hasse

28-03-04, 00:22
Thanks Hasse about the attachment.
Now we have one fact sheet available.
Let´s see whether someone, who has self checked or done all the reasearch of this family, can clarify this case. I have done no research at all of this family myself - I have just collected, compared and cross checked all the information that has been published and just recorded the differences. Brita is one of the ancestors of my brothers wife and this is the reason why I´m interested about this.
I also realize now that the family name in the attachment was in format "Bjogn"; most people have desided to use the family name "Bjong" in
their records.

Jorma K

June Pelo
28-03-04, 22:25
According to the Caino-Torp book, Carin Danielsdotter Kortjärvi, b. 24 Oct 1700 in Terjärv, d. 22 Feb 1765. She and Johan Henriksson Bjong had 8 children:
- Carin, b. 5 Mar 1724
- Daniel, b. 6 Jun 1725
- Jakob, b. 1 Jul 1726
- Malin, b. 3 Aug 1728
- BRITA, b. 18 Jun 1731
- Anna, b. 15 Jul 1738, d. 1739
- Johannes, b. 8 Aug 1740
- Anders, b. 6 Dec 1747

Carin Kortjärvi didn't die until 1765, so she must have been the mother of Brita, b. 1731. Brita's marriage to Matts Hansson Harabacka and their family are included in Caino-Torp.

There is no Carin Danielsdotter Torrkulla, b. 1702, mentioned in Caino-Torp.