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Karen Norwillo
23-03-04, 04:06
I'm confused. All of the Talko collections, including my own, has her date of birth as 13 May 1767. I was browsing HisKi for Terjärv
and found it given as 13 Apr 1767. All the other info is correct, as soon as I realized Magdalena and Malin were one and the same. Is Hiski usually accurate?

Hasse Andtbacka
23-03-04, 08:54
As responsible for writing the Terjärv data to HisKi we have to answer you:

- the source for HisKi is the "black book", written 50-60 years ago from the original baptism book. The lady who wrote down Malin Pehrsdotter's birth date made a mistake; in the original baptism book the birth date is 13 May, baptised 14 May (we checked the original from microfiche). In the black book the date is in April, like 4 other dates that should have been in May.

- we didn't check the original source when putting in the date, in that case we would have put in a remark that the black book's date differs from the original source.

Malin's correct birth date is 13 May! Her name when baptised was Malin, but Magdalena, Lena and Malin are exchangable.

Helena & Hasse Andtbacka

Karen Norwillo
23-03-04, 21:01
Hasse, Thank you so much for the prompt reply. It helps me in making the decision to enter the 10 siblings I found. I wanted to be sure I had the right person. Thank you, Karen