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Jorma Penttinen
22-10-16, 13:19
Johan Koskeniska (Johan Fredrik Koskenniska) was born May 19, 1878 Finland arrived to Ellis Island on November 20, 1898. How I can find him where he went?
His brother came in 1890 to USA and he lived in Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota.
His brother was Johan Edward Jacobson (Koskenniska) was born May 13, 1869 and died Dec.15, 1905 Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota

24-10-16, 04:53
Line 17 on the passenger list...he was going to Michigan...but i haven't been able to identify the locale...

Jorma Penttinen
24-10-16, 14:17
Thank you, I was thinking same way...but town is so indistinct..

24-10-16, 18:47
According to Isojoki Birth Books, Johan Fredrik was born 19.3.1878, not 19.5.1878...

I think his brother Oskar Frithiof, born 15.11.1874, emigrated to America twice...once in 1907...and again in 1911...

1911 Canada to US Border Crossing, Part 1 (line 5): Oskar Koskenniska, age 36, last permanent residence Isojoki; wife Alma Koskenniska, Isojoki, Finland; going to Eveleth, MN

1911 Canada to US Border Crossing, Part 2 (line 5): Oskar Koskenniska previously in Eveleth, MN, 1907-1908; going to join brother Fredrik? Hongo, Box 898, Eveleth, MN

WWI Draft Registration: Johan Fredrik Hongo, born 19.3.1879; nearest relative Hjalmer Mäki, Duluth, MN

The 1910 US Census shows Fredric Hongo, age 31, born Finland, emigrated 1898; wife Hilma, age 23, born Finland, emigrated 1898...Fredric and Hilma have been married for 7 years and live in St Louis County, MN

Does the name Hongo mean anything to you?

24-10-16, 19:44
Isojoki Communion Book, 1893-1902, Wanhakylä 5 Honko, Koskenniska torp, Isojoki: Johan Edward to America 1890; Juho Fredrik to America 1898

24-10-16, 19:54
Isojoki > kommunionbok, 1873-1882 > 43: Wanhakylä Hongå, sid 43.

Farm name Hongå / Hongo

24-10-16, 20:36
Minnesota Deaths and Burials

24-10-16, 23:21
Institute of Migration Passport Information: Moilanen

Puolanka Communion Book, 1890-1900

Puolanka Preconfirmation Records, 1890-1900

24-10-16, 23:30
1898 Canada to US Border Crossing (lines 22-24): Reeta Honkanen, children Hilda and Reeta; all going to join Antti Moilanen, Virginia, MN

24-10-16, 23:53
About the 1910 US Census which I posted here earlier, showing Fredric and Hilda Hongo (first 2 names)

The next 4 names are Antti Moilanen, wife Margretha, daughter Greta Lisa; and Matti Moilanen...

Antti and Margretha Moilanen are most likely the parents of Hilda (Moilanen) Hongo...and Greta Lisa is her sister, born in 1893...

Matti Moilanen is probably the brother of Antti Moilanen...

Jorma Penttinen
25-10-16, 13:12
Oh, Thank you very much for this information. It is my misstake Johan Fredrik's date of birth was really March 19, 1878. He is same as Fredrik Hongo. Yes I know that name. It is place where they lived- in Hongo = Honko. In Finnish census in 1905 also in 1915 Oscar Fritiof's wife was Alina not Alma. Also in 1915 She was a widow, so where Oscar died? In USA? That was good to know (Johan) Fredrik lived in St Louis County, there is also Evelth town. As I before told their oldest brother lived there also but he used last name Jacobson.( Their Father was Jacob) In Finnish census was mention Fredrik was abroad. It is odd, where he lived there in St Louis County... Also so good to know he was married and they had children, too...
Three brothers and they all used different last names.
Thank you so much!