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Eva Johansson
19-11-16, 17:03

This is a somewhat different request. I'm looking for relatives to a woman named Maria Alina Andersdotter Bäck born December 14th 1877 in Korsholm. She might be my great great grandmother. Here's the thing; my great grandmother Inez Ellen Maria was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 20th 1899. In her birth certificate it says that both her mother and father are unknown. Up until 1918 it was legal to be anonymous as a mother. But on the birth certificate it lists the mother's birth day: December 14th 1877. Through the use of DNA I've noticed that she must have Finnish ancestry, I've had a lot of hits in the Vaasa area and now I've found this Maria Alina Andersdotter Bäck who moved to Sweden in 1898. But I'm not finding any trace of her in the Swedish parish books.

My great grandmother received a picture of her biological mother in around 1918, it says "Inez' real mother" on the back. And the family story is that Inez' daughter Gunvor went to see her biological grandmother in the 1940s in Stockholm, but she wouldn't even let her in. But all information about who she was has not been saved for future generations.

So, does anyone know who this woman was? Does anyone have a picture of her with her siblings that we can compare with? Apparently some of her siblings emigrated to America. I'm attaching the picture of her and this is what I know about her family:

Father: Anders Johansson Varg born 1847
Mother: Ulrika Johan Ersdotter Nyman born 1849
Siblings: Hilma 1874
Mathilda 1876
Erika 1879
Alma Sofia 1881
Johannes 1883
Hilda 1885



I would be very happy if someone could help me figure this out!

Kind Regards
Eva Johansson

19-11-16, 23:26
På den här sidan står det att Maria Alina flyttar till Sverige 31/10 1898:

Stefan Nyman

June Pelo
19-11-16, 23:39
I think I have your Anders Johansson Warg-Clemetsö in my database. His farmorfar was Carl Carlsson Warg, b. 1722, Karleby. In 1777 he and his family moved to Clemetsö in Korsholm, and the family used the Clemetsö name. Anders Johansson would be my 3rd cousin twice removed, plus many other links. My data shows that Anders Johansson was married to Ulrika Johansdotter Hjerpe, b. 13 Aug 1849, Korsholm, daughter of Johan Erik Johansson Järf-Hjerpe, b.1814 Böleby, married to Fredrika Simonsdotter Österberg, b. 1817, Clemetsö. Anders Johansson d. 1826 in Kärpero.. he used the name Bäck. I don't have any data about the children of Anders and Ulrika. But it's possible he is the Anders Johansson Varg in your query. I have lots of data about the Warg and Clemetsö families. Clemetsö was located where the city of Vasa is now.

Eva Johansson
20-11-16, 10:45
Stefan: I can't seem to open that link, I need to be registered on that site to see it. The problem is that I can't find her anywhere in Swedish parish books. Do you know where in Sweden the boat from that area in Finland ends up in? Then I could look in that parish if I see something interesting.

June: That's very interesting, I think it's the same Anders Johansson Varg, I've seen a family tree on Ancestry that seems to have the same information http://person.ancestry.com/tree/66723/person/-2133329191/facts. Too bad you don't have any information about their children.

20-11-16, 12:45
Här en skärmdump:


Eva Johansson
20-11-16, 16:59
Thank you June and Stefan for all your help.

Something June wrote in a private message made me look at American immigration records. June saw an Alina Maria Andersdoter Bäck with the surname Harison. And it seems she is right. I've found Maria in a list on a boat from Liverpool to New York (see attachment). That boat left the port of Liverpool on November 1st 1899. So she can't have given birth to a girl just ten days earlier in Stockholm. Looks like I have to keep on looking for another great great grandmother candidate....