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23-03-04, 11:17
Pörtfors, Karl (Charles) Ivar. b. 12/4 1869 in Pörtom. d. 1961 in USA. Father Pörtfors, Karl Henrik Eliasson. b. 12/8 1842 in Övermark. d. 22/3 1922 in Pörtom. Mother Svart, Maja Greta Johansdotter. b. 10/10 1840 in Pörtom. d. 30/5 1915 in Pörtom.

Finnish passenger records: Left 27/4 1910 from Hanko with s/s Titania to England. Left 3/5 1910 from Liverpool with the Caronia to NY.

Ellis Island records: Arrived 12/5 1910 in Ellis Island. In the manifest recorded as U.S Citizen.

Looking for details and family in USA.

Inger Wallius
27-03-04, 19:26
Hej Thomas!
His name was Karl Viktor Fogde later Pörtfors. Declared dead 1961 in USA. His brother Johan Oskar died in Gladstone USA 23.6.1909.