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Karen Norwillo
14-12-16, 18:07
I have a question. Records for Esse on FFHA show some farms in Ytteresse 1858-1866 and 1867-1876. Then in 1877-1886 the same farms are in Bäckby. In particular the Lassila and Flink farms. When did they start using Bäckby village?
Thanks, Karen

June Pelo
14-12-16, 20:42
Hope Jaska sees this... he's an expert on Esse info.

Jaska Sarell
14-12-16, 21:37
What else could I say than what you have noticed?
Bäckby village was established between 1875 and 1877 with farms Mattbäck, Lassila, Flink, Björknäs, Bodbacka and Eldsbacka. At the same time farm numbering changed in every village.
Still in 1875 jordebok the older village division and older numbering appears: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=22033, but change has happened before new set of communion books was started in 1877. Similarly Lappfors village was divided earlier to Nederlappfors and Överlappfors.
I recall seeing Bäckby referenced even earlier, but more or less unofficially.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
15-12-16, 02:07
Thank you, dear Jaska. You always come to my rescue.