View Full Version : Touching Christmas story..

June Pelo
15-12-16, 02:12
Frank and Dianne were in a local shopping center just before Christmas. Dianne couldn't find Frank in all the bustle of the shoppers, and as they had a lot of shopping to do, she called him on his cell phone. Dianne asked, "Frank, where did you wander off to? Having any luck on finding Christmas presents?"

Frank said, "Do you remember the jewelry store we went into about 10 years ago, and you fell in love with a diamond necklace? I could not afford it at the time, and I said that one day I would get it for you."

Little tears started to fill Dianne's eyes, and she got all choked up. "Yes, yes! I do remember that shop!!" she replied.

"Well, I'm in the Hooters directly across from it……."