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June Pelo
02-01-17, 22:43
A Turku University study says Finnish residents were more open to the idea of eating insects than those from other countries. About 50% said they would buy insect-based food if it were available in the stores. A third said they had already tried eating them in some form. While half of Finns would be willing to eat bugs, less than 40% of Swedes, 30% of Czechs and just 25% of Germans surveyed said they'd do the same.

Many lean toward introducing insects as protein-rich ingredients in snacks and prepared meals. For example, meatballs, nuggets and pizza fillings could utilize insect proteins. Consumers would find it easiest if insects were simply added to products in powdered form.

Finland's food safety watchdog Evira states that Finland has joined most EU countries to forbid the use of insects as food until further notice. The safety of the various species as food must first by verified.
The University of Helsinki, Finland may have developed a vaccine that can prevent and possibly cure cancer without any other form of treatment, including chemotherapy. If all goes according to plan, the first human clinical trials for the vaccine will be run in South Africa, on melanoma patients with triple negative breast cancer. Vaccine trial is considered very cheap in Africa and South Africa has remained a big industry for it.
Finland's postal service is to offer an "outdoor buddy" scheme for older people, in its latest bid to diversify as mail volumes fall. For a price, workers will take elderly people out of the house for walks. Some people spend days indoors if they don't have anyone to accompany them outside. In April, it was announced that workers would be available to mow lawns during the summer. Some posted on a Facebook page: "Don't start cutting lawns and taking people outdoors until you learn to take packages to the correct addresses!"

FAR, January 2017