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14-02-17, 10:29
In 2004 i found out my great grandfather was finnish. I visited his Place in Yli-II, a small and lonely Place Close to Haukipudas and Oulu. My great grandfather Anders Ollikainen (1848-1918) emigrated to Norway in 1875. Most of his siblings children died as children but not all of them. I search for descendants today, and this is the last names i know about

Johan Adolf Mattsson Ollakka, born 25.12.1856 in Karjala, Lj (old name of Ii). Married to Brita Kaisa Olofsdotter Jakka, born 11.5.1854. Some of Johan and Britas children was Hanna Valborg born 30.1.1880 and August born 5.4. 1881

Albin (Alpiini) Mattsson Ollakka, born 18.8.1858 in Kausto, Karjala. Married to Beata Andersdotter Kaukko, born 5.1.1862 in Padasjoki. They had 5 childrenb born between 1884 and 1894 in Aspila, Karjala.

Alarik Mattsson Ollakka, born 26.9.1860 in Tuhkala, Karjala. Married 2.1.1890 With Maria Josefina Kaikkonen, born 15.6.1870 in Alakaikkonen, Lj (Ii). Here i only know about children died as children.

My great grandfather Anders Mattsson Ollikainen, born 18.12.1848 in Karjalankyla, Aspila. His Brother Johan Mattsson Ollikainen or Olki had at least this children: Johan Alfred Johansson b. 5.9.1864 and Greta Josefina Johansdotter b. 7.10.1866

Anders and Johans father was Matthias Christersson Ollikainen b.13.12.1805 in South Lj. Died 6.5.1884 in Tannila. Married to Anna Maja Siklander b.8.9.1810 in Haukipudas. (great great grandmother). She had 9 siblings. Her father was Mathias Johannes Siklander (1778-1843).

Is it possible to find out what happens to the Family after NeXT generation?