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23-03-04, 17:54
Biography : US Army retired 25 yrs
Location : Spring, Texas
Interests : Bowling
Occupation : US Postal Service
Researching surnames : Johnson, Kronquist, Sundquist, Smedslund, Mattson
Researching places/parishes : Markby, Nykarleby, Munsola, Purmo

26-03-04, 06:08
One member of SFHS and also a newly elected board member is named George Sundquist. He was born in Munsala, Finland. Currently resides in California. Wonder if you are related?

Paul Sundquist
28-03-04, 01:25
My maternal great-grandfather was Johan Fredrik Johansson Marken [a.k.a. John Johnson; John Fredrick Kronquist] (b. 12
Mar 1844 in Marken i Markby d. 18 Jan 1902 in Felch, MI) He emigrated in 1891, then
went back to Finland to remarry in 1892, then returned to Felch, MI. He had 9 children
with his first wife, 6 of whom survived childhood. His 1st wife was Lovisa Eriksdotter
Finne (b. 3 Sep 1840 in Finne i Markby d. 20 May 1889 in Marken i Markby) His 2nd
wife was Anna Lena Jonasdotter Sääksjärvi (b 27 Oct 1854 in Sääksjärvi i Purmo)

My maternal grandfather was Erik Johansson Marken [a.k.a. Eric Johnson, E J Johnson] (b. 22 May 1873 in Marken i
Markby d. 1950 in Michigan) Eric Johnson was married twice and had 9 children with his 1st wife
Louisa Mattson (d. 1918). His second wife was Sena Carlsson whom he married in
1919 and who died in 1964.

My paternal grandfather was John Sundquist (b. 21 Nov 1864 in Finland d. 19 Aug 1926 in Felch, MI). He married
Maria Helena Eriksdotter Smedslund (b. 21 Jul 1864 in Vexala i Munsala d. 3 Jan 1945
in Felch, MI). They had 8 children.

There are many Sundquist's in Finland so it is difficult to say if George would be a relative. I have received a book from a cousin in Finland "Släkten Kronquist i Markby" that has information from 1615 to 1989 on my mothers family. I do not have much information on my fathers family.

We are having a family reunion of the decendants of Eric Johnson this summer and I am trying to get as much information as I can. One of Eric Johnson's daughters will be there.


A-M Löfdahl
31-03-04, 19:36
Hi Paul!

I believe we have the same ancestors in Munsala!
Did you get the info from Birgit Dahlbacka beginning with Åke Persson Strömming?
I am a descendant of Johan Karlsson Laggnäs b. 1835 (tab.7)


Paul Sundquist
04-04-04, 02:21

I did receive some informaiton from Birgit but only about Maria Helena Smedslund and her parents and sister. If you have any more informaiton I would appreciate it.

A-M Löfdahl
04-04-04, 18:39
I will check with Birgit!

Paul Sundquist
21-06-04, 08:26
I have received a photo of a cousin of my father. The cousin is Fritjof Stenfors in a uniform and the photo was taken in San Francisco. I will try to attach a copy of the photo. I also have a photo of Fritjof with a school orchestra taken at Fairmont Grammar School in San Francisco, probably about 1915. I have no other information about Fritjof and cannot find him in the 1910 or 1920 US Census. Any information would be appreciated.

Ann Akin
10-05-11, 01:18
Hi Hasse, I just recently found this forum. I found Paul Sundquist who's grandfather was my great grandmothter brother. Do you know if it's possible to get in touch with Paul by mail. I have a letter his grandfather wrote to my grandmother 1944. would be nice to send him a copy of the letter.
[I]"Erik Johansson Marken [a.k.a. Eric Johnson, E J Johnson] (b. 22 May 1873 in Marken i
Markby d. 1950 in Michigan) Eric Johnson was married twice and had 9 children with his 1st wife
Louisa Mattson (d. 1918)".
Best regards.
Ann-Britt Akinlaja

June Pelo
10-05-11, 01:41
George Sundquist is related to Jaska through the Kornjärvi - Pävals family. Sundquist is an adopted name.