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23-03-04, 17:54
Biography :
Location : Florida
Interests :
Occupation :
Researching surnames : Norrena, Ojala, Hallikainen, Tervaskangas
Researching places/parishes : Parish for Norrena unknow most likely Vasa area and Parish for Hallikainen Simo and Kuopio area

June Pelo
23-03-04, 18:53

Most likely your Norrena can be found in Evijärvi parish. I have many Norrena names which I can check for you if you'll send me some names.


25-03-04, 03:15
Thank you June for your offer. Here is all the information I have gathered on my father.

My father - Johannes Norrena born February 22, 1908 left Finland 11.05.1912 at age 4 aboard the Urania with his Mother Emmi Norrena (Tervaskangas) age 34 and siblings Senja age 11, Selma age 10 and Elli age 8 - all born in Finland.

His father was also called Johannes Norrena Born in Finland 1880. He made two trips overseas. Arrival date was Dec 23, 1904 at the age of 25 to Michigan recorded in Ellis Island records and a second trip 12.10.1910 at age 31 for Copper Cliff, Ontario Canada aboard the Titania. My father, grandmother and his siblings arrived after grandfather settled first. I think he travelled to Michigan with his brother in law Karl Tervaskangas age 20 according to the ships manifest.

On my fathers Marriage License dated October 9, 1930 Sudbury, Ontario he recorded his mother as Emmi Tervaskangas born in Finland 1878.

Hopefully this can narrow it down. I believe that this information is correct.

My goal is to find my father's Parish so I can obtain my Finnish Citizenship by Declaration. My application has been submitted and they have not been able to find his records.

I know that it is possible since he requested this information around 1973 for his pension at retirement. I remember that he had two birthdates recorded in Finland. He used the birthdate February 22, 1908 as his special day. I am also trying to obtain information here to trace in backwards to Finland.

25-03-04, 03:35
Hello Karen:

Good luck with your family research.

I'm curious to know how one can obtain "Finnish Citizenship by Declaration". I've never heard of this before. Would you be able to explain that to me?

25-03-04, 03:41
Hi Karen,
I'm assuming you've already seen this data on the Migration Institute website. Your father and grandparents are listed in the passenger records there.

They didn't show up in the Passport search, but as June stated, all of the Norrenas that do show up are from Evijärvi.

Here's the link in case you haven't seen it:

Good luck with your search and welcome to the Finlander Forum!


25-03-04, 04:24
Finland offers Citizenship by Declaration to you and your children who are 15 and under if one of your parents were born in Finland. The cost is $300. EU and the application is now in English. Application can be obtained online and must be submitted before May 31st, 2008. You are not required to go and live there in order to obtain it just provide the documentation with your Declaration and money. This will give you full rights and privileges as a Finnish Citizen and allow you to obtain an EU passport to be able to travel and work freely. This new Nationality Act came into effect on June 1, 2003. Application are found at www.uvi.fi

I found this out by accident while searching for something else. It sure made my day! Hopefully this will help get you started. The application is quit simple.

My family information has been found a little here ... and a little there ... - put together like a puzzle. That website is great! Thanks

26-03-04, 06:11
We have a brother-in-law named Ojala, I think originally from Toholampi. I understand it's nearly as common as Smith in Finland. Or Mäki:)

26-03-04, 13:59
Good Day,

Things are staring to look up. I found this information and now need confirmation.

Johanno (John) Arno (Arnold) Norrena February 22, 1908 in Evijarvella Finland 1908.

I had Johannes Norrena and I saw Dad recorded in WWII records as Aarno Norrena. Birth Date agrees with my info.

Is this possile to confirm with anyone's records?

What is Evijarvella, Finland like? Is this enough info to find the parish?

I am also starting to pin down Ojala roots and found the following. This is on my Mom's side.

I also found out that Hulda Allina Ojala born Nov 8, 1888 born Simo County of Oulu Finland, left for Canada in 1909 died 1962.

She married Elias Petter Hallikainen who was from Kuuslahdi, Finland born October 8 1880 and bapitized Nov 13 at a church in Nilsia near Kuopio. He died at Sudbury, Ontario 1953.

His father was also called Elias Hallikainen no dates and he was married Eva Hina Gillberg.

26-03-04, 14:32
Originally posted by Karen

What is Evijarvella, Finland like? Is this enough info to find the parish?

The link to the municipality is here (http://www.evijarvi.fi) and the link to the parish can be found from http://www.evl.fi

26-03-04, 18:08
Hi Karen,
I'm wondering if this is the site you referred to. I just happened to be scanning this site looking for someone else and I saw the Norrena name. It looks like your Norrena.

Cpl Aarno Norrena Mattawa 1908 Finland Mechanic Army Tank Mechanic Spring 1940 Canada
Cpl Mauno E Norrena Mattawa 1919 Mattawa Radio & Farm Worker Air Force Mar 1942 Canada, Overseas

This was on the site http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/emi3d48ce.htm

Canadian Finnish Soldiers in WW II

27-03-04, 01:53
Yes - Cpl Aarno Norrena 1908 Mattawa is my father and Cpl Mauno E Norrena 1919 Mattawa is my uncle.

June Pelo
27-03-04, 20:28

I checked my database for your Norrena names, but don't have them. Also checked HisKi, but their data doesn't extend beyond 1850. Perhaps you could write the parish office for more data. The Evijärvi address is:

Evijärven seurakunta, kirkkoherranvirasto
PL 18


27-03-04, 22:52
Thanks June for checking your files for me.

When I write to Finland, will my request for information letter cover - that parish only or will it cover all Parishes in the surrounding area?

20-04-04, 04:24
I would like to say a special thank you to all who contributed in helping me find my Father's birth records in Finland.

A special thank you goes to Hasse and his wife Helena who were so kind to visit the Parish and mail the document of my father's birth records from Finland to me.

Today I received my Finnish Citizenship. From beginning to end it took only 3 months! Thanks again to all.

As soon as I can I will be filling in all the family tree information onto the Heritage Family Tree Deluxe Genealogy programe.


Hasse Andtbacka
20-04-04, 06:51
Congratulations Karen!

Hasse Andtbacka

20-04-04, 21:39
Originally posted by syrene
We have a brother-in-law named Ojala, I think originally from Toholampi. I understand it's nearly as common as Smith in Finland. Or Mäki

It is true that Ojala is a common name in Finland. I remember an article I read a long time ago about Lauri Ojala. He was a weapons instructor in Hollywood, teaching the Western actors to handle the six-shooter. The article claimed he was the fastest gun in the West during his time. And he was born in Toholampi.


21-04-04, 02:23
My Grandmother (Mother's side) was born May 8, 1885 in Simo County of Oulu Finland and died July 21, 1962 Kanada.

Grandmother had 3 sisters and at least one brother. One sister lived in New England State.

She married Pekka (Elias Petter) Hallikainen born October 8, 1880 Kuopio, (from KauuslahdiO) Finland. He was baptized November 13, 1880 at a church in Nilsia near Kuopio. He died July 10, 1953 Kanada.

He was an only child or had maybe one other sibling.

His father was Elias Hallikainen and he married Eva Hina Gillberg.

Grandmother and Grandfather married in Finland 1903 and immigrated to Kanada in May 30 1909. They had 16 children.

Ojala was my Grandmother's maiden name. This is all the information I have.

21-04-04, 07:31
Yes, but the Ojala who was the Hollywood gunslinger first name was Arvo. He's our brother-in-law's brother. Taught the "big guns" to draw for the movies. He's the one who falls down dead at the end of the street, when James Arness defends his town in the intro to the old TV western.

21-04-04, 22:03
Originally posted by syrene
Yes, but the Ojala who was the Hollywood gunslinger first name was Arvo...

My mistake. My memory played me a trick. In my defence I can only say that I think it must be about 40 years since I read the article.

Come to think of it Lauri Ojala was a famous trumpet player in Finland during the 50ies and 60ies.