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11-04-17, 19:20
Can anyone tell me more about egg butter? What ratio of egg to butter? I've seen someone make it with the egg a little runny.. what is most traditional?

Also, I'm thinking I'll make a big batch with leftover Easter eggs. Any idea how long that can keep in fridge?

Thanks! :)

mama sisu

Karen Norwillo
15-04-17, 15:37
This is from The Finnish Cookbook by Beatrice A Ojakangas that I bought years ago.
1 cup soft butter
3 hard-cooked eggs, finely chopped
salt to taste.
cream the butter, blend in eggs and add salt. Heap in a bowl. Spread on piirakka. Keep refrigerated , if you have any left. I doubt you should keep it more than a few days.
We enjoyed this treat at my cousins in Jakobstad a few years ago. She served it with the rice-filled rye bread.
Happy Easter.