View Full Version : I'm home and online again!

June Pelo
16-04-17, 20:14
Some of you have wondered what happened to me.. I haven't been on Finlander for 2 1/2 months, and wanted to let you know I'm home again. I broke my right ankle in a freak accident the first of Feb. and have been recovering in a rehab facility since then. It's been a long 2 1/2 months, and I'm just beginning to walk, while wearing a knee-high boot and a walker. It's great to be home and as soon as I clean up a lot of email, etc. I'll be online again. :)

16-04-17, 22:19
glad to have you back... 😀

D J Granlund
17-04-17, 14:43
Cousin June,
Welcome home! Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Here are wishes for a rapid recovery.

Karen Norwillo
17-04-17, 15:11
Loved the picture. Very stylish. I have one in my closet just like it. Could send it. Maybe it'll start a new fashion trend. And mine's a left; a matching set.

June Pelo
17-04-17, 15:15
Just heard from Debbie Santelli who also has a right boot and thought it would be nice to have a left foot boot to use during Halloween! I keep forgetting to weigh it... feels like a cement block...

June Pelo
17-04-17, 15:16
Thanks, David. Haven't heard from you for a while... :)