View Full Version : A new book about the events in Finland 1918

30-04-17, 12:39
Since this year (2017) is the year when independent Finland turns 100 years of age we will see many new books, articles published and other media documenting what happened. Today one new book describing the troubled era through letters written at the time.
The book is in our two national languages, Finnish and Swedish. It is written in a way that you can see the events from the two sides of the conflict, the white and the red side. Not an easy task since the wounds are still not completely healed in Finland and people remember killings by both sides in the internal war.

I'm not pointing fingers in any direction at all. History is and must be history but hopefully we are mature enough to learn from history. The book is distributed to all schools in Finland and all libraries - free of charge. Others may read the book online or download it.

You can find the book at this address. Can be downloaded here (http://1918.sls.fi)


June Pelo
01-05-17, 00:01
Is there a chance it will be published in English? Have had several people express an interest in an English version.