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01-05-17, 21:39
I am a new member. Seeking information on ancestors of great aunt Ida Maria Andersson. F. 30.7.1876 D. 4.4.1967 in Pensala area. I believe she had at least one son - Alfred Andersson, and possibly a second, Edvard. I can find nothing on Hiski nor from Pensala, Munsala, Jeppo cemeteries. Thank you

June Pelo
03-05-17, 00:23
Welcome to the Forum. I tried to find Ida Maria in a few databases...had no luck. Her birthdate is too late to get into Hiski. I also wonder what her patronymic could be? Andersson is probably her husband's name? Do you have any other info. about her such as parents, siblings?

03-05-17, 07:44
Hello, June
Thank you for writing. My grandfather was Anders Wilhelm Frilund (born 5 Jan 1881 in Jeppo). His father was Johan Karlsson Frilund Fors born 9 July 1840 in Munsala).
My grandfather had a number of siblings that I've found through old letters and family notes and a lot of research:
- Jakob Emil Johansson Frilund (b. 1886 - d. 24 Dec 1911)
- Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Forsman (f. Frilund) (b. 1872 - d. 20 Apr 1905 in Felch Township, Dickinson MI USA)
- Brita Sofia Johansdotter Boman (f. Frilund) (b. 10 Apr 1878 - d. 9 July 1918 in Jeppo)
I have: a picture of Ida; her 1967 death announcement sent to my mother, and a letter from Brita Sofia Boman's son to my mother referring to "our Aunt Ida".
So I am wondering if she might be another of my grandfather's siblings - Ida Maria Johansdotter (?) Andersson (f. Frilund ?)

Jaska Sarell
03-05-17, 11:34
The problem with Jeppo is that the archive was destroyed in fire on 28 December 1886.
SSHY (FFHA) site http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm has later original records, but for members only, since they are so new. I list the main details below.
According to HisKi Johan Karlsson Forss' wife died 5 Jul 1889, and fortunately page number is given.
Communion Book 1887-1896 page 36 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=27583&pnum=30):
Jungar village, Forss farm
farmer Johan Karlsson 9.7.1840 Munsala
wife Maja Lisa Andersdr 5.8.1842 Jeppo ... d. 5.7.1889
children born in Jeppo:
- Erik Johan 7.3.1870 ... to page 214
- Anna Lovisa 10.3.1872 ... to America 24.8.1891
- Johanna Katrina 21.4.1874 ... d. 7.10.1894
- Ida Maria 30.7.1876
- Brita Sofia 4.10.1878
- Anders Wilhelm 5.1.1881
- Johan Emil 14.4.1885
Communion Book 1897-1909 page 34 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28506&pnum=23) (birth dates not repeated):
farmer, widower Johan Karlsson ... d. 11.4.1903 (link to death record (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28560&pnum=5))
- Ida Maria ... to Munsala 19.1.1904
- Brita Sofia ... to Nykarleby 15.2.1897
- Anders Wilhelm ... next book p. 31
- Johan Emil ... next book p. 31
Communion Book 1910-1919 page 31 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut_eng/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28557&pnum=29) is not yet open even for members (contains material younger than 100 years)

Erik Johan Johansson Forss married Albertina Gustafsdotter (Löf?) b. 17.8.1869 in Nykarleby.

:) Jaska

03-05-17, 22:25
FSHF - Munsala > kommunionbok, 1901-1910 > 228: Pensala by, Nr. 1. Pesonen, page 752.

Ida Maria Johansdotter Fors
married 9/8 1903
Anders Viktor Andersson Pesonen, b. 1/1 1877 Pensala, Munsala

Anders Alfred b. 13/5 1904
Johannes Axel b. 20/7 1905 d. 8/1 1906
Johannes Emil b. 23/11 1906
Karl Edvard b. 17/7 1908
Anna Susanna b. 8/1 1910



June Pelo
03-05-17, 22:35
Just wanted to say Hello to Stefan.. glad to know you're still active in genealogy!

03-05-17, 22:43
Thank you June!
I am very glad to see you are back.


04-05-17, 05:56
To June, Jaska, and Shadow600:
Thank you so much! My grandfather shared nothing of his early history or family in Finland, which was a shame. We always had the idea his early years were very difficult. Knowing a little more about Ida fills in a big hole in the family ancestry and history. Thank you!

05-05-17, 05:58
Brita Sofia married 4/6 1897 widower
Johan Herman Isaksson Nylund, b. 14/7 1873.

Uusikaarlepyyn kaupunki- ja maasrk maaseurakunta > kommunionbok, 1890-1900 > 498: Ytterjeppo, Draka No.9
Uusikaarlepyyn kaupunki- ja maasrk maaseurakunta > kommunionbok, 1901-1910 > 521: Ytterjeppo, Draka No.9


28-11-20, 22:44
Hi! Ida was grandmother if my friend and relative! Just stsrted to look for Ida's siblings who emigrated.

23-12-20, 17:52
Trying to contact the user "Randy" from WA. My friend is his second cousin and want to contact him. Anyone know more..?

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Still looking for the user "Randy" from Longview.

June Pelo
03-06-21, 16:22
Evidently Randy is no longer checking this Forum for messages .. the only person who knows who and where members are would be the administrator Harry Nygård.

June Pelo
04-06-21, 14:30
Oops.. that should be Hasse Nygård!

27-06-21, 06:14
Trying to contact the user "Randy" from WA. My friend is his second cousin and want to contact him. Anyone know more..?

Hello CateG -
I'm Randy. My e-mail is rjmcewen%40aol.com.

01-08-21, 02:00
Hello, Jaska - If I look at the 1910-191 Communion Book pg 31 it shows my grandfather, Anders Wilhelm Johansson. There is a notation "Frilund" above the Johansson. The page is for Fors farm, Jungarby. Do you know where the "Frilund" came from or what significance it might have? This has been a longstanding family mystery as to how Frilund came to be our family name in the US. Thank you

01-08-21, 02:03
Hello, Jaska - When I look at the 1910-1919 Communion book, I see my grandfather Anders Wilhelm Johnansson. Above his name is "Frilund". The page is for Fors farm, Jungarby. What is the significance of the "Frilund" or where did it come from to be part of his name. Thank you

Jaska Sarell
01-08-21, 08:09
Late 19th century and early 20th century was the time, when people started to use proper surnames in a modern sense instead of farm names, especially when they no longer had direct affiliation to the farm.
For instance my great grandfather (from Purmo) was recorded as Sarell after his moving in 1887, while his brothers took surnames Sundquist and Backman. Absolutely no logic in these names.

:) Jaska

01-08-21, 19:56
Thank you for such a quick reply. This adopting of the surname Frilund has perplexed my family for years. Now that I know there's no logic to it, we can "move on". Thank you again.