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June Pelo
13-05-17, 22:35
The database contains more than 31,000 names, covers a range of several decades, and reflects areas where Finns settled in the US, with a notable concentration in Michigan and Minnesota.

Staff at the Finnish American Historical Archive have dubbed it the "Finnish American Obituary Database." Researchers can search, using name, birthdate and/r death date to determine whether the Archive has the obituary of an individual. If a researcher finds a name that could be a match to the ancestry they're exploring, they can contact the Archive to receive a full-text copy of the obituary.

People from all over the US clip and submit obituaries from newspapers and a team of volunteers at the FAHC indexes those clippings and enters them into the database format. The listings will be regularly updated. Anyone interested in contributing obituary clippings to the Archive for addition to the database can contact the archivist at: Joanna.chopp%40finlandia.edu The site for the database is: www.finlandia.edu/fahc

FAR May 2017

Karen Norwillo
15-05-17, 15:55
Thanks, June. I've been searching for years for my great-uncle's place of death. Maybe I'll get lucky. I have his DOD, but cannot find place; probably MI. He and my paternal grandfather arrived to MI and his death was reported to Finland just a few months later. He was so young, I'm assuming some sort of accident.

D J Granlund
24-12-18, 17:07
I recently heard a cousin in Finland passed and am wondering if an obituary would be found published in a local Äänekoski newspaper. If so, how would I get a copy? DOD 15 Apr 18.


June Pelo
24-12-18, 21:44
I noticed that Facebook shows there are 2 newspapers.. but it's Finnish and I can't read it:

one is listed as: Sisä-Suomen Lehti%40sisis.fi

the other:
ÄKS-Äänekosken Kaupunkisanomat%40AanekoskenKaupunkiSanomat

D J Granlund
24-12-18, 22:51
Thanks, cousin June. I now have a direction to go and will pursue it. David

D J Granlund
25-12-18, 15:41
Merry Christmas to all.

I searched for the 2 papers. I found them on the web but I was not able to get to obits (kuolleita). They list the people in charge of editorials, circulation and advertising but if they publish obits I can not figure out how to access them and search by name and DOD. Could someone on the forum that reads Finnish take a look at the sites and tell me if it is possible?