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Karen Norwillo
29-05-17, 18:26
Have some confusing info regarding her year of birth and children. HisKi and my info has her born 22 Apr 1806 to Simon Hansson Ongamo and Sara Olofsdotter Tenno. Have her marriage 3 Dec 1827 to Zacharis Hautijärvi. His DOB 5 Nov 1798 to Sigfrid and Elin. Problems: There is an out-of-wedlock birth for a Maria 1 Jan 1821 to Margareta Hansdotter Ongamo and she later appears on a rippikirjä with Zacharis and Greta. The two communion rolls I found have Gretha's birth as 1800, not 1806. There are also 3 births on the latest roll for Brita? 1827, Hans 1839 and Adam 1844. I cannot find birth records for these 3 in Salla, Kemijärvi or surrounding parishes. I also find no Margareta Hansdotter born 1800 in the area. Am I using the wrong Margareta for this family? Any help from our Finn members??

30-05-17, 11:10
Here Greta b. 4/11 1799 with child
Maria, b. 1/1 1821:

Greta (Margareta), birthbook:

Parents; Hans and Margareta Ongamo.

Karen Norwillo
30-05-17, 16:12
Thank you once again. I wonder why they keep using 1800 in later rolls? I really appreciate your help.