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09-06-17, 01:58
My great uncle was Karl Markkula. Born in Sakyla Finland, 29-3-1874. He married Justiina Wilhelmiina Svard , 2-2-1901, in Sakyla. They had a child, named Lempi Aliisa, born 13-7-1901.

He immigrated to the USA 8-9-1906. The remarks on his passport information, says he left a wife and 3 kids in Finland. Once he came to USA, he defined himself as a widow. I've been able to follow him, which included a marriage, until he died in 1943.

I can not find a thing about Justiina or Lempi Allisa, especially when Justiina died.

Can anyone help me find her?

Thank you,
Sue Cronberg

Jaska Sarell
09-06-17, 10:20
SSHY/FFHA member pages have the last communion book available for 1898-1907.
Page 407: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=20393&pnum=415
laborer Kaarle Markkula 29/3 1874 (remark Am, meaning America)
wife Justiina Wilhelmiina Svärd 3/6 1876 (has communion markings each year 1902-1907)
daughter Lempi Aliisa 13/7 1901
son Kalle Viljam 20/9 1903
daughter Elli Eliisa 4/2 1906
Wife and children will be in the next communion book volume page 484, whenever that will become available. I quickly browsed through death records that are viewable until 1912 - no sign of Justiina there.
That's all that can be found online at the moment.

:) Jaska

09-06-17, 23:29
Thank you so much for all your work. You answered many of my questions.