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Karen Norwillo
09-06-17, 20:42
I am looking for the date of death of this woman who was the first wife of my second great grandfather Gabriel Gabrielsson Kolliskota or later Kotala. I have two possible dates of her birth, 15 Nov 1803 to Olof and Margeta on the Jönsä farm or 3 Oct 1805 on the Huhta farm, parents Olof and Walborg. She married Gabriel 14 Apr 1828 as Susanna Olofsdotter Huhtaniemi. On the attached communion book record from 1832-1845, she is crossed out and Gabriel's second wife, my second great grandmother is listed. I cannot read the info to the far right for a date of death and I can't find it in the Kemijärvi death records. I searched all the years from 1832, date of last child and 1837 date of next child attributed to Anna Caisa even though they didn't marry until 1838. Any help from my Finn friends appreciated.

09-06-17, 22:35
Susanna born 15/11 1903:

Parents and siblings:

No date found when Susanna dies.


Karen Norwillo
09-06-17, 22:53
Thank you, Stefan. That's what I thought. There's so much notation on that rippi I could only make out Död, no year.

Alf Blomqvist
10-06-17, 10:23
I should say that Susanna is born 15 Nov 1803.

Karen Norwillo
10-06-17, 15:56
Thank you, Alf.