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16-07-17, 03:30
Gustaf Mattsson is my great, great grandfather. Born 28 Feb 1815 in Ylane. Could you please translate the description about his mother:

Inhyses hos Kyrkoby, Hedvig Johansdr.

The Original comment says :
afledne Dragon Hellsmans E:an q. p:

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June Pelo
16-07-17, 19:57
I think the first comment says Hedvig is living at Kronoby.
The other statement says she's the widow of deceased Dragon Hellsman. I think Dragon was a term used in the military.

16-07-17, 21:04
thank you so much,

Jaska Sarell
16-07-17, 21:40
Not Kronoby, but Kyrkoby i.e. church village, village around the parish church.
Dragon was a cavalry soldier.
q.p. = qvinn person, title often given to mothers of an illegitimate child.

:) Jaska

16-07-17, 21:59
thank you, very much, too. sue. Also could Hellsman been his last name?

Jaska Sarell
16-07-17, 23:38
There has to be some mistake in that remark about dragoon Hellman. It's already in original record: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9124638 - no HisKi error.
Hedvig Johansdotter with her three illegitimate children are listed on the sama page as dragoon Johan Hellman (1764-1810), his wife Lena Johansdotter and children: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9122672
Probably the marriage between Matts Henricsson and Hedvig Johansdotter on 20 JUL 1817 refers to her, but I couldn't quickly locate them :( That would explain change of matronymic Hedvigsson to patronymic Mattsson.

:) Jaska

19-07-17, 19:05
This is so interesting. Thank you so much, again. Sue