View Full Version : wife of Johannes Eriksson Kärppä

Karen Norwillo
28-07-17, 16:41
I am looking for the "surname" of Anna Brita 21.7.1821 who married Johannes Eriksson Kärppä b 1822. The only birth I find in Kemijärvi births that matches date is for a Anna Caisa Thomasdotter Kivelä. I cannot find their marriage either. Their childrens' births are in 1847, 1848, 1851 and 1853. Anna Brita and the last 3 children died within the 1853-1859 rippikirja in Salla. On the 2 rippi in Salla before her death, she is listed only as Anna Brita, no patronymic. Only their son Fredric 1847 survived. Johan lived unmarried. He was still alive on 1880 rippi. Any help appreciated. (There is one matching birth in Purmo, but that seems unlikely.)