View Full Version : Hindrich Johansson Byskata

Karen Norwillo
29-07-17, 21:57
Will someone translate the notation on HisKi re: Hindrick's death record? I can make out the number of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I take it this man was very prolific and died at 102, 6 months.:o

June Pelo
30-07-17, 16:02
Karen, it said that between his 3 marriages he had 20 children, 55 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren. He lived with his first wife 13 years; 30 years with the second wife and 27 years with the third wife. He was in good health until 3 years before he died.. he had been imprisoned and burned by the enemy. He had a good understanding of his Christianity.

Karen Norwillo
30-07-17, 18:37
Thank you, June.
What a wonderful epitaph.