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03-08-17, 01:28
In a few weeks, I am hosting a family reunion for my great-grandparents, August Eriksson Bertils and Maria Johanna Gustafsdotter Förste. This couple ended up together in Eureka, Utah, where Gus worked in the mines. Gus was from Vörå and emigrated in 1904, and Hannah was from Pedersöre and emigrated in 1907. (http://bartellfamilyreunion.com/)

I will be preparing a presentation on the couple and a little bit of history. Unfortunately, I do not have very much source material. Can anyone suggest where I might look for the following items and for answers to various questions:

• What were specific reasons for emigration of Gus and Hannah (and her brother)? How can I find out what specific events or concerns were affecting their villages/farms at the time? (Or, since that might be impossible, what are safe assumptions given their specific living area/conditions, etc.)
• How might I find photos or paintings/drawings of any actual family members, and of their farms or villages or any important things at or near the time period they lived there? Since that might be impossible, where might I find pictures of other Swedish-Finns in similar places at similar time in similar circumstances? (If I cannot show actual family, then at least I could show what people and situations looked like in general.)
• Can I find pictures of cemetery markers of any family members?
• Are there any drawn maps of the area to locate farms at or near the time they would have lived there?
• Pictures of any tangible artifacts (like tools, furniture, clothing, etc.) that might have belonged to people at those times and places.
• What is “sisu,” and does it apply to Swedish-Finns?
• Are there any movies, videos, or documentaries that have been made that depict the great emigration from Finland to America near the turn of the century? I would love to show clips that would give us a feel for this.

Thank you for any suggestions!