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Karen Norwillo
18-08-17, 17:48
Can someone tell me where I can find the rippi images for Nykarleby in the 1850's? FFHA only shows early ones without a subscription. I'm looking for the Finne farm in Kofjoki in the late 1840-1860's. I'm looking for the family of Matts Mattsson Finne and his wife Lena Mattsdotter Sandberg who married in Purmo 1845. On HisKi the 5 children were born in Nykarleby 1847-1851. There may be others I haven't found. I don't have a DOB for Matts I can prove as yet. I did find one 16.2.1826, but I'm not sure it's him. Lena born 23 Jun 1824 in Purmo.

18-08-17, 18:21

Alf Blomqvist
18-08-17, 20:57
I think you have the right date for birth of Matts Mattsson Finne

Karen Norwillo
18-08-17, 22:16
Thank you both for your fast replies. Indeed it is the family I wanted. I appreciate you both.