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K-G Molander
19-08-17, 22:12
See attachment. Contains everything I have on this family.

Johan Jacobsson is Born 2 Feb 1804 Lillbackända, Nedervetil.

Married to: Date unknown

Anna Andersdotter is born 30 Sep 1807 according to Kaustby Communion books.

I have not been able to find their marriage date and location. would be grateful if any of you have it.

Thank You.

Eric S
23-08-17, 08:53

It looks like Johan and Anna were married on 22 Oct 1831 in Kaustby.

You can view the record here: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9579036
and the Hiski entry here: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/892a84?en+0183+vihityt+695

I also found Anna's Birth Record on Hiski here: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski/892a84?en+0008+kastetut+2376

Notice that the birth record indicates she is from Brändkärr, and the marriage record also uses the same location. That was the clue that helped me find the record.

Eric S.

K-G Molander
23-08-17, 22:40
Erik S.
Thank You. Now I wonder why I didn't find it. Anyway, I'm truly grateful for your help.

Eric S
24-08-17, 03:22

At first I didn't find it on Hiski either because I was searching for them under their full names, and nothing came up that matched. I finally found a record when I searched for just Johan and Anna for the 5 year period prior to the first child's birth. When I found a birth record for Anna born on 30 Sep 1807 it luckily had the matching Brändkärr location, confirming we probably had the correct record.

But anyway, you are very welcome. I hope the new information helps you with your search.

Eric S.

K-G Molander
24-08-17, 07:33
Greetings to Erik S.
After receiving marriage date and birth date I found some more pages in Communion books. See notes in attached family group sheet.

I used the name Skjöld as surname because father was known by that when children was born. I have found some with the surname Harabacka. That is the farm name.

Eric S
25-08-17, 01:45
Hello Karl-Gustav,

I am not sure if you already found this or not, but here is a communion record showing Johan when he first arrived in Kaustby around 1828: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8270410 (He is the last person listed on the page)

I noticed something curious. On the communion records in Kaustby, Johan has a birth date listed as 15/9 1800, but you have his birth date listed as 2/2 1804 in your pdf file. I also found the birth record for a Johan Jacobsson Skolds born on 2/2 1804 in the Alaveteli / Nedervetil parish here: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8274035 . In this record, the father Jacob is listed as a soldier.

I wonder if this is the same person and the dates just got mixed up when he changed parishes, or if we are dealing with 2 separate people. I have found a communion record for the Johan born in 1804 in the Alaveteli / Nedervetil parish, if that is the correct person.

1802-1808: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8233802

Eric S.

K-G Molander
25-08-17, 19:19
:)Greetings to Erik S.
I'm a aware of the differences in birth dates. I have seen such before. I have gone true many parishes for Johan Jacobsson Skjöld with birth 15.9.1800. But can't find any who would match. Unless someone can, I will stick to Birth date 2.2.1804 in Nedervetil with father Jacob Skjöld and mother Maria Johansdotter. This is the best match I can find at least for now.

For now I will leave this problem. Hopefully someone will say "yes" or "No" to Jacob Skjöld/Maria Johansdotter as parents to Johan Jacobsson Skjöld from Kaustby parish.

I truly appreciate your inputs. It has kept me many hours on this problem

K-G Molander
25-08-17, 19:22
One more thing.
The marriage between Jacob Skjöld/Maria Johansdotter:
Kaustby: Announced / Married 28.4.1803
Man Village / Farm Name Sold. Jacob Skjöld
Wife Village / Farm Name B.dr. Maria Johans dr. Wintur.

Eric S
25-08-17, 20:11

I agree that the dates often get mixed up. I have seen it many times, and saw it just yesterday on one of my ancestor's records. I also did not find anybody else who matched with the 1800 date when doing a limited search.

Going on the assumption that he was born in 1804, the 1803 marriage date matches nicely. It is interesting that they were married in 1803 in Kaustby and then he was born in 1804 in Nedervetil. I assume his job as a soldier involved moving frequently, as needed.

I did find the mother Maria Johansdotter in the communion record for the Wintur farm. She is the 4th person on the page with the birth date of 18.3.1782. You will also notice that she is no longer being recorded starting around the beginning of 1803, at the same time she would have gotten married: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8269669

The day and month on that record also matches the communion record from the Kaustby communion record, although it looks like they put 1722 as the year instead of 1782. You will also notice that they are at the Lill Backanda location which also matches nicely with the 1804 birth certificate location: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=8233802)

I hope this information is helpful. I am happy to help search for specific records, if you let me know of anything you may be looking for.

Eric S.

K-G Molander
25-08-17, 23:45

June Pelo database in TALKO contains the same info and she is a very good genealogist. I received below info from a friend in Finland. I hope you can access the link. If not my email address is: Cronoby%40hotmail.com

Jag misstänker att det är personen med ID
I62113 i Talko i June Pelos databas.


Eric S
26-08-17, 00:17
Here is a timeline of information I put together this afternoon:

1800-1802: Maria (born 1782) living with parents Johan (born 1750) and Anna (born 1749) in Kausby on the Wintur Farm:

1803: Maria Johansdotter marries soldier Jacob Skjöld in Kausby on April 28th:

1803: Maria and Jacob move to Nedervetil in the Lill Backanda area where they have two sons, Johan (born 1804) and Jacob (born 1807). They also have another child listed with them, named Johan Niclas Mattsson (son of soldier Matts Brax & Brita):

1804: Johan is born in Nedervetil on Feb 2nd:

1807: Jacob is born in Nedervetil on Dec 22nd:

1809 - 1811: Family listed in communion records in Nedervetil:

Between 1807 and 1811: Soldier Jacob Skjöld dies. (Have not located death record, but Maria listed as widow by 1811 and no entries for him in 1809-1811 communion record)

Son Jacob (1807) may have also died since he is no longer listed on records after 1809

1811: Maria moves from Nedervetil back to Kausby as a widow (moving record entry #17):

1811 - 1814: Maria living back in Wintur farm with family along with son Johan:

1813: Maria gets remarried to And. Jacsson Harjukoski on Sep 23rd

1814 - 1820: Maria and Johan are listed in the communion record with their new family in Harjukosk, and Johan has his birth date listed as "00" (this is where the mix up in birth dates for Johan likely began and indicates the 1804 and 1800 person are the same person):

Eric S.