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Karen Norwillo
04-09-17, 17:07
A question concerning his children. Rippi in Karleby show a son Johan Henric with just the birth year of 1836. I can find no child of that name or year born to Matts and his wife Caisa Henriksdotter Hakalax/Jängä. Other children all show complete birth dates. I searched HisKi and FFHA for that year. While there are several Johan Henric, none have those parents.

05-09-17, 11:19
Hi Karen
Here he is in the next book: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/kaarlela/rippikirja_1859-1865_mko152-168/417.htm born 13 Oct 1836.
He drowned in 1862.


Karen Norwillo
05-09-17, 14:44
Thank you so much. Your help appreciated.