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11-09-17, 18:02
June wanted everyone to know she is ok...but without power, so she cannot get online, email or charge her cell phone...we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief...

Karen Norwillo
12-09-17, 02:48
Thank God. I was so worried about her.

June Pelo
17-09-17, 22:19
I now have electricity and am back online. Our town was fortunate that the hurricane turned before going over us and spared us from horrific damage.. but we lost power for 7 hot miserable days. I spent some time with a neighbor who has a strong house with hurricane windows and shutters... we watched the rain and the wind tearing limbs from trees... and blowing down my fence and yard light. The only other bad damage I had was a broken skylight when a tree branch landed on it. There are 800 electricians here from across the country, and they are working day and night restoring power to our area. Our power company erected a huge tent at the airport where 350 people can eat at the same time.. there are many air-conditioned sleeper vans, cook vans, etc. where the workers can eat, shower and sleep... a miniature city. Power was lost here within minutes of the arrival of Hurricane Irma and our power was restored in 7 days.. they predict that the southern part of Florida will have power by Sep. 22. Key West was almost destroyed by the storm, and restoration will take much longer.

18-09-17, 05:00
welcome back, June... 😀

Karen Norwillo
18-09-17, 16:12
AMEN to that.