View Full Version : Searching for information about a methodist preacher Sundström, ca. 1911

30-09-17, 10:13
While searching through a prisoner file of one Gustaf Wilhelm Sundström from 1911, he described his family as follows:

"Two brothers, one of whom is taking care of the farm my father left behind and the other is a methodist preacher in America; two sisters, both of whom are married in Helsinki"

This obviously piqued my interest, because "methodist preacher in America" is about the most random thing I could've ever dreamed of finding. His brothers are:

Mathias "Matts" Alexander Sundström, born 23rd of July, 1860, Helsinki parish (Helsinge). He was a gardener by trade. He is last attested as a gardener in Tampere, 1897.

Wife: Amanda Gustava Nyman (b. 21st of August 1852).
Known children: Signe Maria (b. 24th of March, 1885), Sigrid Sofia (24th of July, 1888 - 4th of February 1891), Asriel (b. 6th of February, 1892), Sigfrid (21st of November, 1894 - 18th of September, 1895) and Arthur Alexander (b. 3rd of March, 1897).

Frans Teodor Sundström, born 12th of November, 1874, Helsinki parish (Helsinge). The last record I have of him is him having arrived from Viipuri parish to Helsinki (Helsingfors) on the 15th of January 1897. At that point he didn't yet have a family.

If anyone here has any knowledge of either of these brothers having been in America, please share!