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Karen Norwillo
14-10-17, 18:00
I'm trying to tie this family in some way with my other Karvonen in Evijärvi. Here's what I have. I have all the images from FFHA, but can't find the tie, if any.
Anders Andersson 1757-27.11.1811
Maria Jacobsdotter Karvonen 28.7.1764-10.4.1809
they married 24.10.1779 and had at least 12 children.
Maria's parents were Jacob Ersson Karvonen, possibly born Kultalahti 8.6.1734-21.2.1816
Maria Påhlsdotter Karvonen 4.2.1746-18.10.1831
They married 23.11.1760 and had at least 6 children.
I have another Karvonen family in Evijärvi mostly from Anders Andersson Karvonen 1733-1801 and his wife Beata. They married 1754 and had a very large family. I have info on all the surviving children. There son Andreas Andersson 15.5.1765 married Lisa Eriksdotter Pietilä.
Is there a tie that I don't see?
Any help appreciated.

Jaska Sarell
14-10-17, 20:15
I have him as son-in-law at Karvonen, born 30 Nov 1757 at Kankkonen, son of son-in-law Anders Thomasson Lassila 1718-1759 and his 2nd wife Maria Andersdr (no details) - his 1st wife was Caisa Jacobsdr Kankkonen 1724-1755.
And yes, Jacob Ersson was from Kultalahti.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
14-10-17, 21:59
Thanks, Jaska. I've managed to find most of the family of Jacob Ersson . Parents Erich Månsson Kultalax and Lisa Mattsdotter Kammarbacka.
Still trying to find if there's any relationship to the other Anders Andersson Karvonen 1733 or just a matter of same farm name. Karen