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Karen Norwillo
15-10-17, 04:59
Can someone translate what's written above the entry for Thomas Johansson Pesonen in 1806-1812 church book?
Thank you,

15-10-17, 08:51
"Slitit 40 par spö för inbrotts stöld" that is roughly "Took 40 pairs of lashes with a stick for breaking in and stealing".

If you want to find out more you would have to order copies of the Court Records from the relevant provincial archive, unless this parish has a Black Book (a record of crimes, variously called Musta Kirja, rikosluettelo, etc. in Finnish and Svarta Bok, brottmåls längd, etc. in Swedish).

Karen Norwillo
15-10-17, 14:58
Thank you for your help.