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15-10-17, 23:45
Hello! I am trying to find out what happened to Jaakko. He was born in 1877-04-14 in Isokyrö, or Alavus according to Household exam. (I can´t find him in Isokyrö or Alavus, that date). He married Maria Konstantintytär Järvenpää in Alavus 1896-11-15. They got a son who died soon after. They left for America? At least I have found Maria in North Dakota 1899, but Jaakko seems to be dead in 1900, because she marries again, and not a trace of him either in Finland nor in North Dakota. What does the notes say about him: Is he going to America. Has he already left? Did he go before Maria? Is there any lead?
I hope someone can help me!

16-10-17, 13:30
The note says that he went to America, presumably along with his wife, since they are both noted on page 1236 of the Communion book as being in America. The extra note appears to say something along the lines of "Eskettipissa" which sounds like a place name to me. Is there a city called "Eskettip" or something phonetically similar in Dakota?

I followed the life of Maria Heikintytär, the mother of Jaakko to collect information about Jaakko with farily meager success. Maria was born Maja Greta to Henrik (Heikki) Eriksson (11.1.1813-15.5.1879) and his wife Maja Lisa Salomonsdotter (22.11.1813->1900) in Alavus into a torp farmed by her father 14.12.1844. They're written down in Lanamäki, although the birth record implies the torp was located in Kuotisaho. Eventually it seems that Hautala developed into a proper farm in its own right. Maria was confirmed in the year 1863 and had at least four children out of wedlock in total: Anna Elina 17.9.1869, Henrik 2.1.1873, Jaakko 14.4.1877 and Maria Ottilia 26.6.1881-3.5.1882 (cause of death unknown and apparently buried out of town for some reason).

Maria Ottilia is interesting, because while she was born in Vähäkyrö, it is said that the parents are from Kortesjärvi (yet another parish entirely), not Vähäkyrö, which strongly implies that Maria came to Vähäkyrö to have the child in secret. Importantly a father is also reported: Matts hauta from Sydänmaa in Alavus and Maria is titled "wife". I have to wonder if this person is entirely fictional or not. Like yourself, I was unable to located Jaakko's birth, but I have no doubt there must've been a similar arrangement.

Alavus, Lanamäki
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Alavus, Sydänmaa, Kuotisaho, Hautala house (A rather macabre name, I must say: Hautala is best translated as "Gravehouse" (-la is a place suffix).)
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Jaakko's life after he moved away from home:

Alavus, Rantatöysä, Ojala house (variously titled: renki - farmhand and löysä - "loose", vagabond)
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Births of children:
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Anna Elina, 17.9.1869: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=8140&pnum=190
Henrik (Heikki), 2.1.1873 - http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=8126&pnum=46
Maria Ottilia, 26.6.1811 - http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=27567&pnum=201

Maria Ottilia, 3.5.1882: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=8144&pnum=121

17-10-17, 06:32
Institute of Migration Passport Information

1899 SS Numidian Passenger List (near bottom of list)

1899 Canada to US Border Crossing (line 13)

Maria Hautala going to join husband Jacob in Lakota, ND

17-10-17, 06:38
1900 US Census, North Dakota Hospital for the Insane, Homer Precinct, Stutsman, ND (line 64): Jacob Hautala, born 1876, Finland, married...maybe?

17-10-17, 06:40
From Find-A-Grave...maybe, but not certain this is the same person...


17-10-17, 16:16
Institute of Migration Passenger Information...i think this is Maria Hautala...

17-10-17, 16:55
Stutsman County, North Dakota, Old Death Index, Surnames H-J: Hautala, Jacob, age 25, born Finland; died 6.11.1900, State Hospital, Stutsman


17-10-17, 18:05
I think this is Maria Hautala in the 1900 US Census, enumerated 28.6.1900...shown with the last name Jarvi...and living with her parents and sister Hulda in Enterprise Township, Nelson County, ND (last 3 lines in Part 1; first line in Part 2)...the census shows her born Jul 1874, Finland; married for 4 years; emigrated in 1899...Maria Konstantintytär (Järvenpaa) Hautala was born 10.7.1874; she and Jacob Hautala were married in 1896; and it looks like Maria emigrated to Lakota, North Dakota in Nov 1899...Lakota was located in Nelson County...

17-10-17, 19:28
It appears that Maria Hautala married Herman Mattson/Matson...had several children with him...at one time lived in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada...and possibly also in New York...but perhaps you know all of that?...if not, and you want that information, let me know and i will post the records here...

there is also a Family Tree on Ancestry.com...with extensive information concerning children born to Henry Mattson and Maria (Järvenpaa) (Hautala) Mattson...to include photographs...

18-10-17, 02:02
Thank you so much for all your effort! I am really thankful! It is so hard to read Finnish, but it is so much fun to learn the words one by one.

Anteroinen - What does that mean?

Thank you for pointing out that they were both in America - I suppose "Ont Amerikkassa" is meaning that?

And thank you for pointing out about Maria Ottilia - the supposed father - so sad! I can´t find him - I suppose you are right! But why was she buried outside of town? Would you translate the death note for me? Was there any shame about her death?

I wonder where Jaakko was born - maybe I will find him some day!

You were right about America - I know about the tree at Ancestry, and I have one tree there, too. But I am not sure it is the right person Jaako Hautala being in the Hospital for the Insane and then dying. I was hoping for some evidence of him being ill in Finland or on the ship or something! Do you know if there was any news reported on the ships, about the travellers? Just an idea.

Many thanks,

18-10-17, 09:04
Thank you for pointing out that they were both in America - I suppose "Ont Amerikkassa" is meaning that?

"Ovat Amerikassa", but yes. "They are in America".

And thank you for pointing out about Maria Ottilia - the supposed father - so sad! I can´t find him - I suppose you are right! But why was she buried outside of town? Would you translate the death note for me? Was there any shame about her death?

Maria Ottilia's death record simply says "Sydänmaan k. joutol. Maija Heikint. Hautalan lapsi Maria Ottilia" and the cause of death is "Tietämätön" that is "From the village of Sydänmaa, Maija Heikintytär Hautala's child Maria Ottilia" and "Not known". The reason why I say she was buried out of town is the burial date - there isn't one. Instead, there is a word, which appears to be Alastaro, which is yet another parish quite far away from Alavus. I honestly do not know what this could mean - this is highly unusual! I didn't find Maria Ottilia's burial there either, though.

18-10-17, 12:04
1899 SS Numidian Passenger List (near bottom of list)

1899 Canada to US Border Crossing (line 13)

Maria Hautala going to join husband Jacob in Lakota, ND - This note was very helpful!

But how did you find the two Passenger Lists? How did you do that?

The big question is now: when did Jaako/Jacob come to North Dakota? (It looked to me that the last Communion-note on him and Maria suggested they both was attending Communion 2/7 1899 at Ojala, Alavus?) And how and when did he get ill? Or was it someone else?

Many thanks,

18-10-17, 17:30
The biggest problem with any searchable database, occurs when the initial data was entered incorrectly...which can happen either when the person who entered the information in the database, misreads the original record...or when the name was written incorrectly on the original record...the latter happens quite frequently with census records...therefore, it is common to find records in the search results, where the person's name was indexed incorrectly...such was the case with Maria Hautala...

The passport record from Institute of Migration shows her correct name...but the passenger record has it as Haulola...I found that record by searching on first name Maria and Place of Destination Lakota...here is the link to Institute of Migration...one can search for free...but you must be a member to see the actual records...

Searching Immigration and Emigration at Ancestry, I could not find a passenger list, using first name Maria (exact box unchecked), last name Hautala (exact box unchecked), arrival 1899 (exact box checked)...so I searched using first name Maria (exact box unchecked), last name H*la (exact box unchecked), arrival 1899 (exact box checked)...the asterisk (*) is a Wild Card...using it will give you search results for all names beginning with the letter H...and ending with the letters la...no matter which letters are between...that search gave me 47 records...including two for Maria Hantola...

On the Canadian Passenger List, it looks like her name was written as Maria Hantola and she was going to North Dakota...

On the Canada to US Border Crossing record, for passengers on the SS Numidian entering the United States, her last name again appears to be written as Hantola...she was going to join husband Jacob in Lakota, ND

I think the Jacob Hautala at that hospital was your Jacob Hautala, and that he died in Nov 1900...because Maria was living with her parents when that part of the 1900 US Census was enumerated in June...she remarried and had a child shortly thereafter (a family tree on Ancestry shows Hulda Mattson born 1901, Lakota, ND)...and I could not find any other records for your Jacob Hautala...but the only way to know for certain, is to obtain the hospital records, if they still exist...

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Thank you so much! This was so educational. I am so grateful. : )


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you're welcome... :)