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19-10-17, 06:29
I am finding some of my ancestors were members of military units (in Swedish) such as this "Kornett vid Upplands stånddragonregemente 1709-03-17. Fången vid Perevolotjna 1709-07-01. Hemkom 1722. Sekundlöjtnant vid livdragonregementet 1722-06-26."

There are frequent references to "dragonregemente"---I ASSUME in English this would be a "dragoon" regiment = mounted infantry?

Wikipedia says the name "dragoon was derived from a type of firearm called a "dragon"= a handgun version of a blunderbuss.

I just wanted to confirm that I was translating this correctly. Thank you for any advice!

June Pelo
19-10-17, 16:14
Yes, dragon = dragoon... or light cavalryman. This list might help:

19-10-17, 18:57
Dragoons were also special enough that they'll appear a "drag(on)" in the communion books. Most other soldiers are merely "sold(at)", though corporals and such also get their own titles.

If that is your ancestor, by the way, that's a pretty inspiring story: getting captured during the Great Wrath and taken prisoner, yet being able to return home and continue service in the military.

June Pelo
19-10-17, 19:23
If your ancestor was captured during Den Stora Ofreden/The Great Wrath, you may be interested in this article which is found in my article collection on Finlander Forum: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/The_Great_Wrath_-_Den_Stora_Ofreden

20-10-17, 03:27
Thank you for your responses to my question. I just wanted to make sure I was interpreting it correctly. The wiki word list helps a lot; so does the Finlander Forum article. Thank you!
I'm pretty impressed by some of my ancestors. My grandfather (born in Finland) always used to tell us when we were kids "we are descended from royalty" but when I asked my parents about that, they always told me "You can't believe anything grandpa says; he's full of B.S."! Ha ha...the laugh is on him. My grandmother was born in E. Finland near Lake Pielinen and I self-published a book earlier this year about her family.

My grandfather's (born in Kittila) family descends from the Rehbinders, Fieandts, Fleming, Sursill, Coyet, etc. I have Lots of ancestors (Swedish and Finnish nobility) that served as officers during the Great Northern War--and other wars. Some were captured by the Russians and brought their wives with them--and had children born in "Siberia." Apparently, if you were an officer, it came with perks. I was just reading how the Russians would sometimes offer a position in the Russian army to officers they had captured (as far as I know, none of mine took that offer). Anyway, thank you all for the help!

June Pelo
20-10-17, 04:43
Are you aware that you can join a group of Sursill descendants on Facebook? Here is the site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/28106342072/
Lars Holm is part of the group and they are in the process of updating Genealogia Sursilliana, which is a compilation of all Sursill descendants.

21-10-17, 16:24
I wasn't aware of the Sursill site on Facebook. Thanks!

21-10-17, 16:45
That is a good article about the Great Wrath that you referred me to. Here in the U.S., I had never heard of the Great Northern War, so I have been learning a lot just through my ancestors. This past August I visited the old stone church at Isokyrö (one of my grandmother's ancestors is in a painting on the wall) and the battle monument at Napue (several ancestors on my grandpa's side that were captured or killed during the battle).