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Karen Norwillo
02-11-17, 22:58
Regarding Johan Andersson Mattbäck 29 Oct 1842 in Esse, notation carried for many years B.B.102. Then in 1898-1908 is a much larger notation. Can anyone make out what it says? I've been looking for a date of death without success.

Jaska Sarell
02-11-17, 23:38
I(?) okände öden, unknown destiny
His wife has a note about divorce on 17 November 1898 (unclear date)

BTW. I hadn't noticed these March 2017 additions of Esse documents.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
03-11-17, 04:04
Thank you, Jaska. I've been updating my family tree since joining SSHY/FFHA again. Trying to fill in the blanks and correct old errors. I appreciate your help as always.

03-11-17, 08:40
This is not the same Johan Andersson Mattbäck from Bäckby in Esse, who's horse has died of anthrax in 1906?


Who I assume is the one here asking a permit from the senate to clean a river in 1908?


EDIT: Ah, this must be THIS Johan Andersson: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=28940&pnum=5

Sorry for the confusion.