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Karen Norwillo
04-11-17, 17:44
Question, probably for Jaska, when and why did Lassfolk evolve to Lassén in Esse? HisKi and FFHA has children of Anders Wilhelm Andersson Lassfolk and Lisa Karolina Ena as Lassfolk, except for some unknown reason Einar Alexander 9.10.1909 and Svea Elise 29.5.1915 father is listed as Anders Wilhelm Andersson Smeds. Birth dates of children 1901-1909 match yours on TALKO.

Jaska Sarell
04-11-17, 20:00
I had got the details of this family in 1997 from another researcher who had them until about 1970, probably collected by someone else.
I have no idea when they took the family name Lassén.
Anyway I seem to have Anders Wilhelm twice and need to make a correct connection. Thanks for that!

:) Jaska

05-11-17, 03:27
Did the father act as a smith or live in the smith's house/torp? Or did he take up some sort of a profession? That would explain it, since practically all people who had studied for a profession took up a new surname. Even if that is not the case, the change is not particularly weird, since surnames were still unstable around this time and changing, especially translating, your surname was the new fashionable thing. Quite possibly he just wanted to stand out from his siblings.

Jaska Sarell
05-11-17, 07:47
Anders Wilhelm worked at Bärklar sawmill according to the data I received twenty years ago. Also his stepbrother Johan Albert (b. 1885) used name Lassén, though he was a farmer. I don't know about stepbrother Alexander (b. 1888).

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
05-11-17, 15:49
Possible explanation for the Smeds, Anders Wilhelm 16.9.1874 was born to Anders Jonaesson Lassfolk t Jåfs and Maria Sofia Jakobsdotter Smeds. Possibly the family was at Smeds at the time of those two births??? Johan Albert was indeed his step-brother born to father's second wife Lovisa Hansdotter Smeds. I have two Alexander born to Anders second wife, first 15.5.1882-20.5.1882 and then 29.1.1887-3.2.1887. I don't have one in 1888. I'll have to check on that. Thank you both for your help.

Karen Norwillo
05-11-17, 16:27
Checked and found indeed another Alexander 5.1.1888, also Evelina Maria 23.5.1890-28.1.1891, Irene Maria 1.5.1892 and Hilda Amanda 16.4.1896. All born on Lassfolk.

Jaska Sarell
05-11-17, 22:22
Johan Albert b. 1885 married in 1907 Selma Johanna Stubb b. 1888.
Alexander b. 1888 married in 1908 Maria Alina Stubb b. 1885.
Brothers' wives were sisters. Neat.

:) Jaska

06-11-17, 07:04
Possible explanation for the Smeds, Anders Wilhelm 16.9.1874 was born to Anders Jonaesson Lassfolk t Jåfs and Maria Sofia Jakobsdotter Smeds. Possibly the family was at Smeds at the time of those two births???

It seems likely it was something like that. Even though lots of people already had taken surnames by the 00s, there were still many people who didn't really have a proper surname and were just called e.g. Lassfolk's Anders or Smeds' Anders, because that's where they lived. Remember that having a surname only became mandatory in 1920!

Karen Norwillo
06-11-17, 15:38
Thanks, again. Hey Jaska, someday I'd like to find how many ways we're related. We share much of the same names in our family trees.

June Pelo
06-11-17, 17:33
Based on what data I have.. here's how the two of you are related:

Relationships 6 November 2017
Jaako Aleksanteri SARELL-61567 and Karen Marie Norwillo- SULASALMI-55052
1. Ninth cousin (common ancestor: Påhl Mickelsson SÖDERKULTALAHTI-23009 & Brita Clemetsdotter
2. Ninth cousin (common ancestor: Hans Larsson FORS-21708 & Margareta HANSDOTTER-21709)
3. Tenth cousin once removed (common ancestor: Josef Olofsson Norrenä- HYYTINEN-9777 & Gertrud HYYTINEN-
4. Tenth cousin (common ancestor: Clemet Clemetsson KANKKONEN-23631 & Valborg TOMASDOTTER-27808)
5. Tenth cousin (common ancestor: Jöns Mattsson FINNHOLM-32843 & Unknown)
6. Eleventh cousin (common ancestor: Olof Olofsson Savolainen- HYYTINEN-9757 & Maria Simonsdotter
7. Eleventh cousin once removed (common ancestor: Söyrinki (Sigfrid) Persson Stronga- SÖYRINKI-15849 & Unknown)
8. Eleventh cousin once removed (common ancestor: Mårten Olofsson Skärofors- SPANGAR-15859 & Kirstin Larsdotter
9. Thirteenth cousin (common ancestor: Hans Jönsson Kuhalampi- KOLAMB-21722 & Unknown)
10. Thirteenth cousin once removed (common ancestor: Påhl Andersson KANKKONEN-62517 & Unknown)
June Pelo

Jaska Sarell
06-11-17, 21:18
Thanks June!
However, you are more closely related to both of us.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
06-11-17, 21:32
Jaska... you're correct. I'm your 6th cousin twice removed, plus your 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 12th cousin = 18 links.

As for Karen, she's my 6th cousin 3 times removed, plus 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13th cousin = 25 links.

I never calculated this before and didn't realize how many ancestors we shared.. Just one big happy family. :)

06-11-17, 22:07
Do any of you happen to have Perniö, Pöytyä or Vampula ancestry? It'd be interesting to see if I am also related (not that most Finns aren't related to one another one way or another :D )

Jaska Sarell
07-11-17, 10:12
Anteroinen, almost 3/4 of my ancestors are from around Salo, two separate lines going to Perniö.
However, my paternal great grandfather came from Purmo and thus 1/8 of my background comes from thereabouts, another 1/8 from around Lovisa.
You may google my name to find my ancient home page with some information. Note: the ancestor map works properly with Firefox, but not with Chrome, and I've been told that not with IE either.

:) Jaska

07-11-17, 12:14
Heh, an indeed I can find a relationship: I am also a descendant of Nils Jacobsson and Karin Johansdotter who farmed Alastalo in Nokoinen of Perniö, through their daughter Maria. Looks like we are ninth cousins once removed, unless I messed up my calculation entirely.